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Our 6th Annual Tanzman Tournament was a huge success!!

Final Standings:

Mazal Tov!!

1st place - Mizrachi Mayhem (Cleveland)

2nd place - Farber Fire (Detroit)

3rd place - YOC Knights (Toronto)

4th place - Hillel Heat (PIttsburgh)

5th place - DAT Wolves(Denver)

6th place - CTA Lions(Columbus)

Mazal Tov to the All Star Team

Sam Bernzweig - CTA

Daniel Fiedler - DAT

Nathan Greenbaum - Or Chaim

Yona Itzkowitz - Hillel

Jonas Singer - Farber

Coby Marocco - Fuchs

Feel free to look at pictures HERE


It is always a momentous occasion when first grade students get their first Siddur!! It is so moving to see how excited they are to share what they know about davening, to show how beautifully they read Hebrew and to demonstrate how intentionally they daven!! Dr. Levisohn welcomed everyone, our Rav Beit Sefer, Rabbi Morris, shared some insights about davening, the students presented what they have learned, Rabbi Leib gave everyone their Siddur and then Rabbi Lasson, the class parent, thanked the teachers!!

Morah Channa Greenfield has taught generations of 1st graders how to read Hebrew and daven… we are so grateful that we were able to add one more year of her wisdom, patience , and love…. Todah Rabbah Morah Channa, Moreh Zev, and Mrs. Downs - the wonderful 1st grade team!!! Thank you Rabbi Strosberg who gave so much of his time to practicing with the 1st graders in addition to his full teaching schedule!! Thank you Mrs. D for all your help with set up!! And thank you Miss Alliyah and Mrs. Hager for all your work leading up to today’s celebration!!

We were honored to welcome 3 of our community Rabbis who came to celebrate this exciting event with the 1st graders in their communities and their families!!


We were thrilled to welcome staff members of The Jewish Federation of Detroit for a Challah Bake and tour of Farber! The goal of the event is to teach the Federation workers about the various agencies under its umbrella. Farber parent and Federation worker, Estie Gomez, welcomed the group. Farber is so grateful to Federation for all its support in so many ways and we were thrilled to show off Farber as well!! Thank you to Tikvah Ellis for all her work on this!


Kinetic sand like the grains of sand, Starlab to look at the stars in the sky, building Avraham and Sarah’s tent, Journey toward Water, Math station measuring footsteps, and of course a Snack Tent, Parshat Lech Lecha and STEAM came together on Sunday, October 29th for a community wide event! Thank you to our staff members who came in to help run the STEAM event! And thank you to our High School volunteers and our parent volunteers! Thank you Mrs. Strosberg, Director of Admissions and Educator Technology Director and Morah Lisi, Kindergarten Science teacher and Volunteer Extraordinaire .

WATCH HERE for a slideshow of the event.


Over 450 people turned out on Sunday afternoon, December 3rd, to join the Farber community to hear NACHAS!! He sang, danced, took pictures with people, engaged with the audience, got the kids to sing, was energetic, and most importantly, was a mentsch.

Dr. Levisohn welcomed everyone, offered a Dvar Torah, and led the auditorium in Tehillim, Then NACHAS took the stage!! There was so much energy, singing, dancing, and of course, with Israel in our hearts - flag waving! Even Blaze took part in the dancing!

A special thank you to Rabbi Strosberg for accompanying the 5th graders who sang the national anthems, Morah Lisi Levisohn who spent the whole concert dancing with the girls, Ms. Gardin, who as grade advisor helped the 10th graders sell refreshments, and Mrs. Mio who created all of the cool NACHAS lead up videos and created hype and Mrs. Hager who helped with all aspects of the concert including the beautiful signage and the videos playing in the foyer of the auditorium.

Thank you Penina Forta, Shirli Gotlib, Rachie Lefkowitz and Josh Faber (and their kids, parents and families) and their team of volunteers!!!! Their desire to create a fun, inclusive, beautiful and meaningful event that also showed our support and love for Israel and was an event for Farber and the Detroit Orthodox community led to this truly special event!! Yasher Koach!!

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors and to the families who bought Family packages and helped support Farber!!! What an amazing concert!


Mazal Tov to our 4th and 5th graders and their families!! We celebrated our 4th grade students learning Navi by giving them Sefer Yehoshua. We also celebrated our 5th graders learning Mishna by giving them a set of Mishnayot. Each grade prepared a song related to what they are learning, and after receiving their Sforim, they immediately opened their new books and began to learn with their parents. What a beautiful morning!! Thank you to Rabbi Strosberg and Rabbi Polter for helping to prepare their students for today!


One of Farber’s core values is Achrayut, being responsible members of our communities. Our high school students, as part of Eimatai, go out into the community to volunteer. Our students went to the VA, Stevenson Elementary School, and Cass Community Services and Soup Kitchen. Our students interacted with kids, packed food, dusted shelves and more.


Led by Morah Lisi Levisohn and Morah Rachel Baruch, the Farber Elementary School After School Choir has been practicing! You could hear the beautiful sounds of children singing אחינו! They performed around Purim time at Coville Assisted Living. y" or "only 7 remaining


Thank you Rabbi Nemes for organizing all of these visits.

Rabbi Josh Friedman,

Sgan to the Menahel,of Yeshivat Sha’arei Mevaseret Zion

Rabbi Aryeh Wasserman, Dean of Students of Migdal HaTorah

Rabbi Natanel Lebowitz Director of Programming of Yeshivat Torat Shraga

Rabbi Ari Marcus,

Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Reishit

Rav Kenny Pollack,

Morning Seder Rebbe of Yeshivat Lev HaTorah


The Farber Fire JV Team

(From Left to Right)

Sruly Mandel, Ira Gardin, Michael Goldman, Jake Schon, Zev Mandel, Coach Ken Kohn, Ami Feldman, Ami Doppelt, Aden Opperer, Max Gotlib, Elishama Ellis

The Farber Fire Varsity Basketball Team

(From Left to Right )

Coach O, Coach Capaldi, Ari Schon, Eitan Pergament, Eli Schwartz, Shmuel Schottenstein, Matthew Shamayev, David Shamayev, Ori Feldman, Coach Joe,

Benny Kleid (manager), Micah Adler, Emmett Singer, Jonas Singer, Gideon Lopatin, Abie Gardin

The Farber Fire

Midddle School Team

(From Left to Right)

Sam Shanbaum, Matthew Greenbaum, Dovi Leib, Eitan Schon, Judah Hazan, Rafa Talybli , Ariel Koslowe, Josh Goodman, Caleb Singer, Leo Singer

The Farber Fire 5/6 Team

(From Left to Right)

Effie Shanbaum, Meir Leib, Asher Meisels, Yair Mendelson, Eitan Bernhardt, Yisroel Goldberg, Aiden Speizer, Yosef Nadler, Alex Gotlib, Ariel Mitchell, Tzifonya Meisels, Roo Gertner

Middle School Girls Basketball Team

Top Row: Addie Gomez, Alice Prostak, Liba Mandel, Samantha Carson, Bella Selesny, Sarah Selesny, Eliora Winer

Bottom Row: Sofia Levenzon, Sophia Gotlib, Leora Gonik, Deedee Lefkowitz, Nili Feldman

1) Name: Sid Schechet

2) Year of Graduation: 2004

3) Current Professional Position: Ophthalmologist and retina specialist at the Elman Retina Group in Baltimore, Maryland

4) What is your greatest professional accomplishment? Somehow juggling the brutal medical training and long stressful work hours at the hospital with my beautiful growing family and trying to be a good Jew (my angel of a wife, Michal, gets all the credit!).

5) What is your favorite Farber/Akiva memory? I cherish every single memory of my classmates and best friends, my devoted teachers and rabbi's, and the overall Jewish experience. I think one of the most special aspects that glued it all together was the Akiva Pioneers basketball team led by my eternal Coach Ken Kohn who has taught me about so much more than basketball (#50).

6) Who influenced you the most during your time at Farber/Akiva: Please see #5. Also, Rabbi Eliezer Cohen's thunderous voice will forever reverberate in my skull with the many red zeroes and invaluable life lessons he bestowed upon me.

7) What is something you learned at Farber/Akiva that helped get you where you are today? Easy!- To be proud of and love being Jewish!


Morah Helene and Jeff Potoff and Aunt Lindsey on the birth of their first grandchild (and niece)!

The Goodman Family on Josh's Bar Mitzvah!

Mazal Tov to alum Rivka Barth(Class of 2004) on her engagement to Jonathan Cottrell!! Mazal Tov to the Barth and the Cottrell families!

Rabbi Aaron and Leora Leib on Dovi's Bar Mitzvah!

Ms. Elissa Sternberg on her marriage to Loren Jacobs!

Nathan Gonik and Elizebeth Dubey and the Gonik Family on Leora's Bat Mitzvah!

The Ershler family and Ari Ershler on his marriage to Edya Finkelstein!

The Selesny Family and Daniel Selesny on his marriage to Allie Weinberger!

Jeremy and Hilary DuBois and son Yoni on the birth of a baby boy!

Tzipora and Dovid Rosenfeld and big sister Maya on the birth of a baby boy!

Dalia and Jason Rogers on the birth of their first grandchild, a grandson born to parents Hannah and Mendy Margolis!

Anna Warshay on her engagement to Harrison Freeman and to their families!

The Gilan family and Eden Gilan on her engagement to Ethan Jesselson!

Rabbi Yudi and Rivki Mann on the engagement of their son Mendel to Sarah Brennan!

The Talybli family on Rafa's Bar Mitzvah!

Adam and Ilana Greenbaum on the birth of a baby girl, Noa Orly! Mazal Tov to grandparents Marla and Michael Greenbaum!

Mr. Wyma on making a siyum on Masechet Terumot!

Ariella (Schwarcz) and Aaron Lincoff on the birth of a son, William Wolfe!

The Shanbaum family on Sammy's Bar Mitzvah!

Asher Stein on his engagement to Elisheva Gold!! Mazal Tov to the whole Stein family!

Leora Schostak on her engagement to Jonny Steiner! Mazal Tov to the whole Schostak family!

Ariella and Dani Shaffren and the Shaffren family on Koby's Bar Mitzvah!

The Sowalsky Family on the birth of a baby boy!

The Laury Family on the birth of a baby boy!

The Benederet Family on the birth of a baby girl!

The Wolfe Family on the birth of a baby boy!

Yossi Nadel on his engagement to Naomi Fink! Mazal Tov to the whole Nadel family!

Devorah Kriegsman on her engagement to Shmuel Shammah!

Morah Sarah and Robert Shaw on the birth of a grandson!


The Najman Family on the loss of beloved wife, mother and grandmother, Dr. Sherry Najman z"l

Howard (Ellen) Berlin on the loss of his beloved mother, Barbara Berlin z"l

Naomi Gardin, and Benji, Abie, Ira, and Anne Gardin on the loss of beloved father and grandfather Moishe Goldstein z"l

The Hennes/Sabes Family on the loss of beloved mother, grandmother, and great grandmother Laya Hennes z"l

Rose Brystowski, Sonya (Dani Shreiber), Mark Brystowski, Daniel (Molly) Brystowski, and David Brystowski, Leora and Nathan Brystowski on the loss of beloved husband, father and grandfather, Henry Brystowski z"l

Joseph Saferstein on the loss of his beloved grandmother, Margo Gladd z"l

Ellen (Howard) Berlin on the loss of her beloved aunt, Adria Aronovitz z"l

Cherie (Noah) Levi, Estee (Adam) Goldberg, Lainy, Aviva(fiancee' Mikey Schwartz), Rafi(Daphne), and Chava(Jon Deutsch), on the loss of beloved mother, grandmother and great grandmother, Jacqueline Hutman z"l

Rochelle Morais on the loss of her beloved sister, Sharon Z'l

Hillel (Tova) Nadler and Yosef, Shoshana, Abie, and Levi on the loss of beloved father and grandfather - Berl Nadler z"l

Debbie (Michael) Akerman and Daniel (Tamara) Schwartz on the loss of their beloved mother, Judith Pruchno z"l

Pearl Schon on the loss of her brother and Bryan Schon on the loss of his beloved uncle, Jerry Ferleger z"l

Dr. Shani (Rabbi Yosef) Bechhofer, Debbie (Carmi) Shapiro, Avy (Jessica) Schreiber, and Dr Elli (Ari) Fox on the loss of their beloved mother, Rita Schreiber z"l

Barbara Schnipper, Rachelle (Nathan) Marcus, Danny (Iris) Schnipper and Andrea (Mark) Tannenbaum on the loss of their beloved husband and father, Rabbi A. Irving Schnipper z"l

Margery Jablin on the loss of her brother, Harvey Nusbaum z"l

Arleen Platt, Danielle (Roman) Platt Zilbering and Hallie (Zalmy) Schapiro on the loss of beloved mother and grandmother, Phyllis Kohn z"l


Udi F - Ehud Zev ben Sara

Avi G - Avraham Yaakov ben Emunah Elisheva

Eitan K - Eitan Chanoch ben Chava Keren

Daniel K - Daniel Tzvi ben Miriam Katana

Max K - Avi Avraham ben Sarah Frumah

Jake K - Yaakov Yitzhak ben Michal 

Yaffa M

Yoni N - Yona Pesach ben Ariella Esther

Yossi N - Yosef Yehuda ben Ariella Esther

Matt N -  Chaim Tzvi ben Adina 

Jaques P

Yochanan S - Harav Yochanan Ben Shlomo Zalman Reuvein

Josh S - Yehoshua Avraham Ben Zev

Cobi S - Akiva Menachem ben Tziril Krindle

Asher S - Asher Refael ben Devorah Berachah

Ari T - Ari Meir ben Golda Miriam

Davidee W - Dovid Shabbos ben Yissochor Dov and Ahuva Sara

Ami Z - Nuchum Amnon Shlomo ben Leah Nechama

Sophie Z- Zahava Tzofiya bat Leah Nechama

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