Artwork & Eggrolls

May 27, 2021; 2:00 PM

Connie and Precious stroll into the Friends of Cyrus office laughing, arms locked together as they introduce themselves.

Hi, I’m Precious. And this is Connie - do you want to say ‘Hi’, Connie?

Connie looks over apprehensively at first, but eventually greets me with a warm smile.


Precious is a full-time Friends of Cyrus caregiver who helps Connie live her most independent life possible. From assisting Connie with everyday life tasks to getting her involved in the community, Precious is there to engage and encourage her every step of the way.

I introduce myself and explain that I want to learn more about their relationship. Precious turns to Connie.

You wanna go hang out in the park and paint? It’s a beautiful day outside.

Connie nods her head and the pair spin around toward the exit. I can immediately tell that the connection these ladies share is palpable; a special bond built on love and trust.

With crafts in hand, Precious navigates us to a table at the local park. We sit down and start laying out the supplies. Connie immediately reaches for a canvas while Precious puts some paint on her palette.