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April 30, 2021
Learn about Strengthening Partnerships
Cambria Russell
Cambria Russell
Director of MASFEC

In the fall of 2020 and winter of 2021, more than 50 individuals took a deep dive into the Framework through our Training of Trainers program. In the coming months, those participants will be bringing the Framework to life in their communities and workplaces.
At the same time, we invite you to learn more about the Framework through our online learning opportunity. This is appropriate for professionals in education, health services, and human services as well as for family members.

Do you want to learn more about the Framework and how it applies to you as a professional or a caregiver? Register on our website to access all of the materials >
Affinity Groups Virtual Listening Sessions
The Massachusetts Family Engagement State Coalition, in partnership with MASFEC, will host listening sessions with affinity groups and our Regional Family Engagement members in early May. Families, practitioners, community organizations and other interested stakeholders are invited to share their experiences related to COVID-19 and racial equity to inform family engagement planning.

Self Regulation Games for Young Children
Childhood can be a time of "big feelings." The latest post from guest blogger Mathangi Subramanian, Ed.D. offers a list of games and activities that help children learn to manage their emotions - while having fun with their family or caregivers.

3 Tips To Help Your Child Grow Into
A Self Advocate
Ever wondered how to help children with special needs grow into adults who know how to advocate for themselves? In her guest post for MASFEC, Sarah K. Perkins shares her own experience as a person with disabilities who has learned a lot along her journey towards becoming a confident and effective self-advocate.

May Family Literacy Calendar
MASFEC Family Literacy Calendars encourage early reading skills such as listening while following words, exploring themes, phonics and sounds, letter recognition. Our May calendar explores kid-favorite themes of Flowers, gardening and roadway construction - as well as May holidays and allergy awareness.

REMINDER: Family Engagement
& Remote Learning Survey
We want to be sure to hear from as many people as possible for our annual family engagement survey!

Please encourage colleagues, coworkers and families to participate using the links below. It only takes about 10 minutes to share direct, anonymous feedback about your experiences.

For questions or help completing the survey, please contact Ryan Miskell with MASFEC at 202-471-2463.

More Information for Educators
In Case You Missed Them
We've been sharing tons of resources on Twitter @MAFamEngage - on family engagement, anti-racism and teaching during COVID. Here are a few of our favorites.
Since textbooks and credentials don’t provide educators with information about Arab American identity, it’s incumbent upon educators to make sure they know the facts.
Here are some picture books that can help children appreciate both differences and the universality of love. 
As schools across the country re-open, Asian American families wrestle with whether to send their children back at a time when anti-Asian hostility is on the rise.
Kids can gain valuable knowledge and know-how from their friends.
Educators can’t identify
as anti-racist without addressing the racism already present in schools.
Our most urgent priority is rebuilding fractured relationships, restoring trust, reigniting inspiration, and rekindling hope and motivation.
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