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February 26, 2021
We Want to Hear About Your Experiences
Cambria Russell
Cambria Russell
Director of MASFEC
Each year MASFEC conducts a statewide survey on local experiences of family engagement. Your participation and support for this survey will inform changes and improvements to promote family engagement at the school, district, and state level.

Your feedback will inform MASFEC's priorities and the work of our collaborating partners over the coming year. In addition,
schools and districts are able to use the family and educator surveys in full or borrow from them to gather perspectives on specific measures of interest.

Surveys are aligned to the Massachusetts Family Engagement Framework, a guiding document that provides information and resources helpful to aligning and coordinating family engagement efforts across the state.

The 2021 Family and Educator Feedback Surveys take about 10 minutes to complete and offer an opportunity to share direct, anonymous feedback about your experiences. Thank you for your participation and for all you to to support young people's success through effective family engagement!
Visions of Community: Next Week!
Visions of Community, the annual conference of the Federation for Children with Special Needs, offers unparalleled information and inspiration for supporting the success of students with disabilities.

This year, a major focus of the conference will be issues of educational equity and finding ways for schools, families and communities to work together to support the learning of all students.

Visions of Community Virtual Conference
March 2-6, 2021
Have Fun and Learn with Mathu!
You may have noticed a number of creative and joyful articles on our website that were written by Mathangi Subramanian, Ed.D., author of several books for children and teens. Known to friends as Mathu, her posts are overflowing with delightful ideas for hands-on learning. We don't want you to miss ANY of them, so check out her latest posts below or view the new page we created to collect these great resources together in one place!
DESE Office of Student & Family Support
Did you know that the state of Massachusetts has an entire office dedicated to family engagement within the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education? Did you know about the many resources to support parent and caregiver engagement, knowledge and advocacy? Check out our latest in the What is Family Engagement series to learn more!

March Family Literacy Calendar
MASFEC Family Literacy Calendar offers ideas for building early reading skills such as:
  • Listening while following words (using videos so you don't need a copy of the book at home)
  • Extending reading themes into hands-on activities
  • Recognizing concepts and ideas (for instance same/different, categories, seasons, weather)
  • Games that practice phonics and letter and sound recognition
  • Full-body activities to rhyme, rap, sing and otherwise enjoy language

Every month's calendar is different and brings in seasonal and date-specific themes both serious and silly.
COVID Vaccine & Testing Resources
for Families
With vaccines rolling out across the state and schools and agencies establishing pooled testing and surveillance testing programs, families and children may have a lot of questions. Check out these resources to help families get their questions answered.

Mindful Mondays Continues
MASFEC's popular Mindful Mondays continue this spring! Each session is under 20 minutes long, so take a few minutes to relax, get centered, and take some time just for you.

  • Educators may Register now for weekly, live, virtual mindfulness sessions that start at 7:30pm
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