We are excited to announce that the Regnart Library Trail has reached over 1,300 supporters with more new residents signing the petition daily!

More than 80% of Cupertino residents said they wanted more trails and paths in the 2018 Cupertino Parks & Recreation Survey. The speed at which we are gathering signatures shows the depth of the support for this initiative in the community. Residents want this trail.

We are now aiming for 1,500 signatures. Tell your Cupertino friends and family to sign the petition, if they want the Regnart Library Trail to become a reality.

Opposition To The Trail Is Strong

While there is a lot of enthusiasm and support for the Regnart Library Trail in the community as a whole, a small group of 10 or so residents who live along the trail have been very aggressive in their opposition to the trail. They speak at every city council and Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission meeting, they have met with city council member individually multiple times, they have written multiple letters to the Santa Clara Water District, and they continuously harass the city staff and commission members. They have even written letters with false information to the CUSD Board in an attempt to mislead them.

Unfortunately, their negative tactics are working and support for the trail in the city council and water district is divided as a result.

We should not let this small gang of resentful residents win and keep the trail for their own private use .

Let's do what's right for our community. Let's create a recreation path that benefits ALL of our families, our seniors, and our children. Let's open up this trail for ALL neighbors to use.

We are getting very close to 1500 signatures!

We got almost 200 signatures this past week. Let's keep the momentum going!

Our goal this week is for each of us to get just 3 new people to sign. You can do it!

Thank you to everyone who had planned to attend the May 21st meeting! It's important that the Council hear from many of us, so please come speak at a City Council meeting in June or July.
Upcoming meeting dates for Cupertino City Council:
June 18 and July 16

Keep up with the latest information on the trail and get answers to your questions at .

Happy walking and biking,

Your friends at Walk-Bike Cupertino
Working to make it safer and easier to walk and bike