February 2019 Arvada, Colorado

Living Sustainably In Community
We have so much to share with you this month!

The members of Ralston Creek have been very busy organizing slide presentations, potlucks, and answering email inquiries
in the month of January.

We have added 2 full members to the roster, which puts us that much closer to our coveted "10" members when we will begin the design phase of this intentional community.

We have also been researching how to “rightsize” our lives, which has been a very popular topic recently. With this theme in mind we are very excited to be hosting a panel discussion in March on "Righsizing: Smaller Scale Living a Fit for Milennials and Seniors"

See below for details of how to get to know us and how you can get in on the
ground floor of this exciting project!
Slide Presentation
Saturday, February 16, 2019
3:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Our slide show gives you a chance to learn about the vision of Ralston Creek Cohousing and get your questions answered.

You can come in person or virtually at Google Hangouts.  

Those who come in person can drive over and tour the Gatehouse site along Ralston Creek
in the Geos Neighborhood afterwards.
If you have trouble connecting via Google Hangouts, please call

Arvada Public Library
7525 W. 57th Avenue 
Arvada, CO 80002 United States
(303) 235-5275

Mid-Winter Potluck
7094 Owens St

02/23/19 12:00pm - 02/23/19 2:30pm

Monthly potluck at a member's home
I'll be there!
I can't make it
February Potluck
February 23, 2019
12:00 PM - 2:30 PM

The members of Ralston Creek Cohousing host a potluck once a month as a way for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you. We believe that this is a great way to see if cohousing is for you and have a meal together, just like we will do when we move into The Gatehouse. No need to bring anything, we will provide all the fixings! Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions. We will have a tour of Geos and the cohousing site afterwards.

RSVP below or call 303-940-7655 for more information

Blog Post
A Step Closer to the Gatehouse:
Tori and Her Cats Move in with the Goats

I have been waiting to move into Geos and with the Ralston Creek Co-Housers for more than six years. On a wintry day back then, I walked the property with Norbert and my spouse (Bob). Norbert told us about his plans to build a sustainable, walkable, friendly neighborhood, with solar and ground source energy, pocket parks, and mixed commercial and residential uses. The beautiful location and Norbert’s vision drew me in; I was completely hooked.

Grand Opening of
Geos Neighborhood
Tuesday, March 5, 2019
3:00 - 6:00 PM
Ralston Creek CoHousing will form a part of the  Geos Neighborhood , Colorado’s first geosolar development. Parts of it have gone up already, and we can’t wait to join the neighborhood as it grows! Geos will celebrate its grand opening on March 5th, ushering in the spring. Arvada luminaries like the mayor and town council will help celebrate. Ralston Creek CoHousing will be there, too. In fact, all the cool kids will be there.

See the Facebook event here
Ralston Creek Cohousing presents a free public event!
Rightsizing: Smaller Scale Living, A Fit For
 Millennials and Seniors

Sunday, March 10, 2019
1:00 - 3:00 PM

Both millennials and seniors are looking at the economic advantages of rightsizing. This “rightsizing” panel, moderated by Colorado House Representative Brianna Titone, will examine the housing trend to downsize, declutter and simplify your lifestyle.
Brianna Titone, Colorado Representative

Suzanne Blankenship, Eldercare Expert, Jefferson County, Author and 2018 Book Excellence Award Winner.

Bruce Drogsvold, Colorado Realtor

Robin Christian, downsizing expert at a move management company,
A Senior On the Move.
National Cohousing
Conference 2019

When I first became aware of cohousing I visited several communities in the Front Range (there are 14!) to see if cohousing was right for me. Also, the 2017 National Cohousing Conference was in Nashville that year, and since it was within driving distance, I decided that I should go and learn more. There were so many interesting sessions to attend, that it was hard to choose! I am very glad that I attended that conference. If you are thinking about living in community, there is no better way to immerse yourself than attending a conference.
This year's meeting will be held in Portland, Oregon, May 30th - June 2nd, 2019. Oregon counts 22 cohousing communities while Colorado has 26. Portland boasts 10, and they can be visited on bus tours scheduled for Thursday, May 30th and Friday, May 31st. There will be pre-conference intensives, presentations geared towards new, established and mature communities, along with the bus tours. The keynote speaker is Courtney Martin, author of The New Better Off: Reinventing the American Dream. This conference promises to be fantastic! Plus, you get to visit the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon.

See this link for more information.
Site tours of the Gatehouse location are available by request.

Send us an email at welcome@ralstoncreekcohousing.org

Visit our website at www.ralstoncreekcohousing.org

Read our classified ad on the
National Cohousing website

Path To Membership
 We invite you to participate in building your dream community.

Ralston Creek CoHousers have a two-step process to membership.

  • Come to some events and get to know us. If you are interested you can become an Explorer.

  • As an Explorer you will be invited to join us for meetings, social events, and one-on-one conversations, all with the goal of you getting to know us, getting all your questions answered, and allowing us to get to know you.

  • If you are interested in moving forward to Full Membership we can tell you more about it.

Ralston Creek Cohousing 303-704-2168

Visit our web site at: www.ralstoncreekcohousing.org