Volume 27 | June 01, 2022
LSA Monthly Update
A Monthly Electronic Newsletter from the Louisiana Shooting Association, Inc.
2022 Louisiana Bills: Update
There are 15 bills with important implications for Second Amendment Rights working though the Louisiana Legislature. This article gives an update on all of those bills. This article is updated on a regular basis throughout the legislative session.

  • For a $1.25 per month you get a lot of support and protection for your Civil Rights guaranteed under the Second Amendment.
  • For only $0.04 per day, your LSA leadership works with State Representatives and State Senators to ensure your Right to Keep and Bear Arms is not intentionally or unintentionally infringed.

Why Bother Joining the LSA?
“Why should I bother joining the LSA? I get the newsletter and the legislative alerts just by joining the mailing list.” This was the response I recently received from a close friend when I asked him why he never renewed his membership.

It is important to recognize that the leadership of the LSA is composed of volunteers with their own lives and, more importantly, their own careers. The President of the LSA is a practicing attorney, the Vice-President is a small business owner as is the the Secretary, and the Treasurer is a scientist with a lot of direct reports. All of the 15 Directors of the Corporation have careers. None are retired.

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Stand Your Ground: Legally Defending Yourself Outside the Home

“Stand your ground,” one of the better known yet poorly understood self-defense policies, has received a lot of media and legal attention since its inception—most of which has been inaccurate or misconstrued.

In reality, stand your ground doesn’t do something as much as it removes the prerequisites that have understandably been called into question as unreasonable in real-life self-defense scenarios. Whether you’ve heard these laws referred to as shoot first, no duty to retreat, make my day, or stand your ground, join us on a deep dive into the background, meaning, and application of this much-maligned legal standard and how it has been notably used—or not used—as a legal defense in American self-defense cases.

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Tickets for the 2022 M1 Garand Raffle in Support of Junior Shooting are now on sale. The drawing will be held October 16, 2022. Winner need not be present to win!

The LSA has a New Video!
The LSA has produced a new video hosted by LSA Vice-President, Barret Kendrick. Barret is a professional shooting instructor who operates a successful training academy on the north shore of St. Tammany parish. The video is aimed at potential new members and explains the advantages of joining the LSA. The LSA hopes that concealed carry instructors throughout the State will show this video to their training classes.