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The Places of Worship Advisory Board (POWAB)

2021 Theme:

POWAB General Body Meeting is October 8, 2021

Good Day!

The Co-Chairs of the Places of Worship Advisory Board invite you to our monthly
POWAB Zoom meeting

Vision: We connect people and communities to resources to achieve and support whole person health in mind, body and spirit.
POWAB hosts monthly General Body meetings that are open to the public.
When: The 2nd Friday
of each month
At each meeting we will have a Community Wellness Check-In where you can also win prizes!

To learn more about
POWAB, visit us at:

POWAB HONORS 5th Community Day Health and Wellness Fair Sponsor/Partner Denise Rolark-Barnes for media coverage of the event
Denise Rolark-Barnes is the publisher of The Washington Informer Newspaper Company, Inc. which is a weekly newspaper published in Washington, DC. The Washington Informer Newspaper Company, Inc. was founded in 1964 by Denise's father, Calvin Rolark.
The newspaper only publishes positive news and strives to educate, empower and inform. It's targeted audience is the African-American population in the DC metropolitan area. It currently reaches over 50,000 readers each week.
Denise also serves as the director of The Washington Informer Charities and is the executive producer of "The Washington Informer News", a bi-weekly television news program.

I’ve had COVID-19 for a year. Here’s what I’ve learned
Margot Gage Witvliet 
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We Need You!
Those interested in a partnership or membership should email their business information or bio and
recent photo to
Rev. Dana "Salia" Mitchell

Safety in the Sanctuary: Faith-Based Panel on Domestic Violence Awareness
Hosted by the DC
Department of Health
Tuesday, October 12, 2021
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM EDT

POWAB Recognizes the following:

Please visit POWAB'S Facebook page!
Community Day Health
and Wellness Fair,
Public Service
Announcement (PSA) 2021.
Rev. Darryl! Moch, Co-Lead for POWAB Membership Committee
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Sound Therapy Guaranteed To Improve Mental Health
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Dr. Andrea Sullivan is widely recognized by local and national community organizations for her commitment to healthy living. As a leading naturopath, she has written extensively and has been called upon to speak on naturopathic medicine by a wide range of featured media genres. In 1998, she published a book titled A Path to Healing: A Guide to Wellness for Body, Mind and Soul. She is also the contributing naturopathic health expert for Prevention Magazine Health Books, Essence Magazine, and Health Quest.
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Meditation Monday
I am learning to trust my inner light within to guide me.
Mantr; "I am"
Hamani Wilson
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Keep Movin'
Brian Culbertson
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POWAB General Body Meeting

10/08/21 12:00pm - 10/08/21 2:00pm

POWAB opens monthly meeting to the general public for anyone who's intrested in joining the advisory board. Come help change lives together.
I will attend!
I will not be able to attend!
I am interested in membership!
POWAB Highlights Government Support
Ms. Charis Ferguson has served for 13 years with the Places of Worship Advisory Board (POWAB)

Charis has been with the Places of Worship Advisory Board (POWAB) since the beginning. Initially, she volunteered at some events, to support her colleagues at HAHSTA within DC Health. Her passion for people and the work of improving lives, quality of life, and overall community health drew her more into the board and her commitment soared. Charis has served in a variety of capacities but always as a key strategist and critical planner for any POWAB event or activity. Her wisdom and keen mind for details has made every program, marketing material, activity, and foundational documents powerful and impactful. In fact, what we know is that Charis in her gift of presence, work and efforts embodies the IMPACT we want to make on the lives of DC residents and throughout the DMV. 

Most recently Charis has become the Executive Producer of the
SPEAK ON IT! Podcast. In this capacity her attention to detail, carefully crafted scripts, and guidance for the hosts and guests of each podcast ensures an entertaining and informative production. Add to that her vision to make each show relevant for posterity. She weaves the program in ways that help the participant and the viewing audience see themselves in the topic and offers a compelling look at the issues inviting people to learn more, engage more, or actively renew their own commitment to the subject. 

Charis with her hand on the pulse of the community, the needs of the residents of the DMV, and her in depth knowledge of how government works ensures that POWAB remains on the progressive cutting edge of advancements for whole person health and public health promotions.

POWAB owes a great debt of gratitude to Charis for more than a decade long engagement with the board. If it is true that “it takes a village” then “the village of POWAB” is strong, credible, and more impactful because Charis is on this team. Just know that if Charis is involved, then the final product will be stellar. By the way, if she is quiet, its’s time to pay attention because, what she is going to say next will be a key element in any success we can have. Her word is her bond, and her actions speak louder than words. You can expect nothing but the best from her and her best seems to have no end.  Thank you, Charis, for all you do, the guidance you offer, and the strategic wisdom that you give unconditionally to each of us and collectively to the Places of Worship Advisory Board.

In Gratitude,
Rev. Darryl! LC Moch Co- Lead for Membership Committee
Laughter is good Medicine for the soul and spirit!
Anjelah Johnson
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Women, Infants, & Children Services:
Food, nutrition counseling, and access to health services are provided under the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, popularly known as WIC.

POWAB Addresses Social Justice
Holistic videos for whole person health
in mind, body and spirit
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How to Be a Spiritual Shapeshifter
Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith
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Health & Fitness
5 Minute Yoga for Flat Stomach
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12 Foods That Fight Depression and Anxiety
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Do These 5 Things Before Sleeping – Sadhguru
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POWAB Social Media Committee and The SPIRIT Newsletter Team needs your help to grow our presence and achieve our goal to connect people to resources for whole person health in mind, body, and spirit. Please consider volunteering as a writer or reporter on our dynamic team.

Mr. Stephen Reese is the voice for The Offical
POWAB Public Service Announcements and
City Wide Commercials. He encourages the community to join POWAB General Body Meeting.
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Video created by The Health Education Network


POWAB The SPIRIT Newsletter Editor, Bernadette Bailey

POWAB General Editor, Rev. Dana "Salia" Mitchell

POWAB Resources and Outreach Activities
Houses of worship and restaurants get ready for mask mandates
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masks and hand sanitizers
for your family or your place of worship
while supplies last!

View website below:
Walking by Faith and Wearing a Mask in your Faith Communities!

Mayor Bowser's Administration has directed approximately $2 million each to three local nonprofit organizations to administer the relief

These nonprofits can assist renters with applying for relief. Renters and homeowners can find more information about relief programs at

COVID-19 Updates
PG County Maryland Resources COVID-19 Updates


Virginia Resources

Do you know a champion in the HIV community?
Theratechnologies, Inc. is looking for non-medical personnel who work or volunteer in the HIV community to celebrate and feature during our monthly THERAThursdays webinar. This person will be highlighted as a Thera Community Champion and will receive a $1000 sponsorship for the organization at which they are employed or volunteer.
To nominate yourself or someone you know, please go to
Voting ends at midnight (CST)
For more information about becoming a Community Partner,

POWAB Chaplin's Resources

Free Food from Costco Every Week!

Minister Alfreda Chi Mauuso
has taken her gift of service
to the residents of Washington, DC. If you are a senior or your family is in need of food and water or household supplies,
call 202-813-7048.

Every Way to Get Small Business Grants in 2021! Local, State, and Federal Grants
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DC Hearing Aid Assistance Program
Do you know someone age 65 or older who is a District resident and needs a hearing aid? The DC Hearing Aid Assistance Program (HAAP) provides up to a $500 reimbursement towards the cost of a hearing aid purchase. To qualify, you must be age 65 year or older and have an annual gross household income of $100,000 or less. Visit to download the
the application or to complete it online. To request a paper application or if you have questions, call (202) 617-5919 or Click here for email

POWAB Question:

Down-Easters is the nickname of people from what state?

The answer is
found below.

Famous Quote:
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, but must be felt with the heart.
Helen Keller, American Author
POWAB's Inspirational, Empowering and Educational Corner!

The Dentist from The Carol Burnett Show
Laughter is good for the spirit.
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"Sanford and Son"
The BEST of Aunt Esther
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September: Substance Abuse Prevention
October: DMV Faith in Action Webinar and Domestic Violence activity
POWAB Bi-Annual Membership Orientation

November: Senior Outreach
December: DMV Faith in Action Webinar and Holiday Celebration 2021

THANK YOU WARD 7 CAREGIVERS. Take a minute and get your Intensity Score. Find out if you are in the Green, Yellow, or Red. You can also get connected to things that can help.
 We also want to hear directly from Ward 7 caregivers. Join us on Thursday, October 14, 2021 from 6:30-8pm for a virtual listening session.
or call to leave a message with Altonia Garrett, VP, Public Affairs, Capital Caring Health at
Please let us know if you are interested in assisting us with any of the events above.

Jacqueline Barnes sheds light on sexual harassment in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

 Sexual harassment is a type of harassment involving the use of explicit sexual advances, including unwelcome and inappropriate promises of rewards in exchange for sexual favors. For more information about how you can identity the three types of sexual harassment in the workplace and help educate others.

Muslim Mindful Moment
2nd Chapter of the Qur'aan, called "The Cow". The 41st thru 46 verses
QK 2:41-46]
2.41] And believe in what I have revealed, verifying what you have which was revealed before, and be not the first to deny it, neither sell My signs for a small price, and Me alone, should be your concern.
[2.42] And do not mix up the truth with the falsehood, nor hide the truth while you know (it).
[2.43] And keep up prayer and pay charity and bow down and pray with those who bow down.
[2.44] What! do you enjoin men to be good and neglect your own souls while you read the Book; then will you not use reason?
[2.45] And seek assistance through patience and prayer, and most surely it is a hard thing except for the humble ones,
[2.46] Who know that they shall meet their Lord and that they shall return to Him.
   And so, all the wrong in the world, don't despair. But, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Get involved! And know that your reward will be with the Creator!

POWAB Honors
Senior Citizens
Strength Training for Older Adults
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POWAB Trivia Answer:

State of Maine

POWAB Educational and Informational Resources!
To apply for employment at

Mayor Bowser
Announces 2021 Fall Crime Prevention Initiative Focus Areas, 10/1/21
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Residents who received the Pfizer vaccine earlier this year should start making plans to receive their booster shot: Find your vaccine card or access your vaccine record by visiting, call your healthcare provider to discuss your options for a booster, or visit to find a location near you. Residents who need support can call
855-363-0333. Eligible residents can go to one of the 153 locations around the city that offer the safe, free, and effective COVID-19 vaccines.
Learn more HERE. 

Virginia Health Department

Hope Campaign 
With the hopes of returning to a sense of normalcy,
the Hope Campaign was created to encourage vaccinations as a route to return to things
we miss the most in life.
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Veronica Cosby, MAHS, MS
Virginia Partners In Prayer & Prevention, Office of Health Equity,
Virginia Department
of Health
Office: (804) 864-7361

Maryland Health Department

Carmi Washington-Flood
Chief, Office of Faith-Based and Community Partnerships, Maryland Department of Health 
Prevention and Health Promotion Administration

Maryland Community for LifeSM is an innovative program developed by the Maryland Department of Aging to support older adults as they age at home.
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LinkU is the free online resource and referral guide for DC, Maryland, and Virginia, available for consumers, faith-based organizations (FBOs), and community-based organizations (CBOs). If your organization would like to become a LinkU staff member, please contact
Ashley Coleman at Email Here

Honoring our ancestors is the first step in reclaiming our true spiritual heritage, which is knowing the truth of who we are and our higher purpose in life. We all stand as tall
as we do, for we stand
on the backs of our ancestors.
Never forget the
pleasure of the journey!
Ms. Vikki Jefferson
January 4, 1958 -September 7, 2021
FULLER dialogues: Holistic Healing and Wellness
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Heal your Soul 🦅 Ancestral Chants from Native Americans
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3 Ancient Asian Healing Practices
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POWAB Disclaimer Statement: The information and suggestions presented in The SPIRIT newsletter are not intended to be taken as advice by an individual reader or viewer. It should not be used as a substitute for consulting your physician. Matters regarding your health may require medical supervision. The DC Health Places of Worship Advisory Board (POWAB) shall not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage allegedly arising from any information or suggestions. You, as the reader, are totally and completely responsible for your own health and healthcare

Special Message from
Donna Gayles,
POWAB Community Co-Chair

 Autumn is the time of year when Mother Nature says, “Look how easy, how healthy, and how beautiful letting go can be.” Toni Sorenson 
There's a sense of wonderment as we start to see the seasons change. The bold and beautiful colors announcing that it's time for something new as the leaves change and fall to the ground. For many people, including myself, Fall is one of the most favored times of the year. ​I enjoy the cool, crisp days that encourage us to nestle into a comfy spot and just enjoy the moments that come. I welcome the change of pace, as things seem to slow down, begging for us to spend a little time considering more than just ourselves. One of the overarching themes of this season is thankfulness. When we consider harvest time, being able to enjoy the fruit of our labor rendered in other seasons, both figuratively and literally, we can give thanks. 
In the spirit of thanks, this month, we honor many national and global celebrations including the continuation of Hispanic Heritage Month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, National Hero Day, World Hospice and Palliative Care Day, World Mental Health Day, and Clergy/Pastor Appreciation Day.

Within this Clergy Appreciation Month, our clergy have played a significant role in encouraging us and fostering support in this very challenging time. As we make our final movements through the end of this year, we look back at all we have overcome and are especially grateful. I am personally thankful for all the intersections that tie us together despite the trauma that we have experienced surviving a global pandemic. 
We welcome your business, organization and/or faith community to join us. If you are interested in becoming a partner or would like more information about how your business can benefit through promotion in The SPIRIT Newsletter. Contact: Bernadette Bailey, Editor
Donna Gayles,
Community Co-Chair
 Regina Jefferson,
Government Co-Chair
Tasha Moses,
Community Co-Chair