Stand by Mindi

It's been said before: restoring one life creates multitudes of positive pathways in a family and a community.

Since our launch, The Portico has helped restore the lives of 20 people through employment in our cafe with a mission.

Think of the multiplier effects of changing those 20 lives. When you restore a life, you empower a family to achieve their full potential.

These multiplying effects are life changing, but they can also be simple things like:

  • Birthday presents
  • Lunch money & field trips
  • New clothing and shoes
  • A quiet room where a child can study
  • Security deposits and rent that is paid on time.

We restore these souls and like a pebble you throw in a still pond, they cause beneficial life ripples.

In my humble opinion, Mindi Vaughn is more than a pebble.

In 2017, this woman came in like a wrecking ball!
Standing by Mindi

My first encounter with Mindi was the day of our soft open. She attempted to take my order...and um... I'm a tough customer y'all (Lord forgive me).

But even in that "tough moment", when I'm sure I was trying to sub-out-this-for-that-and-add-chicken, Mindi executed a sense of determination. Some would call it grace under fire. There was also a slight eye-roll, but I totally deserved it.

Mindi has what folks call grit: courage and resolve; strength of character. It is how a formerly homeless and drug dependent mother found a job as a part-time barista while living in a rehab facility; and is now our Cafe Manager of over three years.

There was also a community of care that stood by Mindi.

It was her support system at Cove, her then Cafe Manager, our Director Justin and organizations like Love INC. We all fell-in on Mindi and stood beside her as she chose to stand up for her potential and the future of her child.

Stand by Mindi This Saturday

7:30 a.m. Saturday, Apr. 30 | Mindi's "Big" Habitat Build Day

I've been so encouraged by the story of this young mother--a woman who chose to live unsheltered and in active addiction for many years. She's a wrecking-ball-of-a-woman who now chooses to live up to her God-given potential. And I stand by her.

Stand by Mindi this Saturday in her future neighborhood. Together we'll build a foundation that will inspire excellence in her life and her family for generations to come.


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Mindi's Habitat Build
7:30 a.m. Saturday, April 30

Let's build Mindi's community!

Join friends and neighbors of The Portico in celebrating Mindi, one of our greatest success stories.

Stay connected and join the team that will begin building the home and neighborhood of one of our success stories at The Portico.

We are hosting a "BIG" build day on April 30.

Want to serve? Register here

Questions? Contact Callie.

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Thanks for a great night friends.

Special thanks to Joseph, Martine, Nila and Janian for teaching us more about the importance of #AutismAcceptance.

Thanks to our outstanding DJ Jasey Soulz for keeping our spirits lifted.

You are loved 🧡.

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