Welcome to another exciting episode of "How Big is the Lake?!"

The month of August has been a mix of temperatures from the 70s to mid 90's. Days are starting to get shorter and nights are getting longer. But it did bring us the peak of the Perseid meteor shower and the blue moon this coming Wednesday! 

As of August 27, 2023 the lake is around 22,783 acres. I know you all were expecting the lake to reach the Narrows, but unfortunately it will not be reunited this year. Never fear, there is still much exciting news from the Lake! It has been host to an abundance of submerge aquatic vegetation, macroinvertebrate, and lots of emergent vegetation on the lake. We have also observed a great number and diversity of birds! If you look closely in the newest photo, you can actually see emergent bullrush and cattail represented by the dark green areas on the edges of the Lake. The lighter green is a mix of filamentous green algae and submerged aquatic vegetation. 

Thanks again for tuning into this month's episode and stay tuned for more as we welcome fall migration!!!

~ Alexa Martinex, MNWR Wildlife Biologist