Season of Celebration

Last week a dear friend of mine reached out to me for inspiration.

"What does Juneteenth mean to you?"

For me the answer was simple. It's about freedom and humanity.

Last year, after the federal holiday announcement, I attended a festive Juneteenth celebration at a local park.

We enjoyed great music, kids, food and even a little double-dutch.

It was the first time I had fully celebrated my freedom.
Memories of Celebration

The first time I'd celebrated Pride was with my dear friend Jorge. There was this absolute feeling of weightlessness and alacrity when we gathered.

Since this first experience, over 10 years ago, we've planned pride events and even walked in the Tampa parade.

It's always a celebration of love.
The Fourth of July has traditionally been a collective celebration of our country's freedom. As a young teen I ventured off to the Panama City marina to watch the fireworks with my best friend Shanna.

We then walked home and stood in my front yard yelling "honk if you love America" to all the traffic exiting our neighborhood.

It was my first time celebrating America in such a way. We were the stuff of a modern-day Rockwell painting.

The feeling was joyful.

The freedom to observe these holidays is the best part of all of us.

So fire up the grill and let the kids run free.

These days are made for you and me.


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P.S. Speaking of freedom and front yards,
have you signed up to volunteer for Mindi's "finishing touches" Habitat project this Saturday?
Read more below.
7:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Saturday, Jun. 25

It has been nearly a year since we began this journey of home ownership with Mindi. There are just a few more items to complete on her punch list.

Join us for our final build day on Saturday, June 25.

We're so grateful for the group of volunteers that have supporter this year-long effort; and we'd like to host a final build day before Mindi's house is ready for dedication.

This June 25 build is a limited team build day for
ten volunteers.

For more info contact Rick.

Thank you for your months of dedicated service!
Coming Soon... Aug. 14
2nd Sunday Potluck Brunch
The Gathering at 10:01 a.m.

Beginning August 14, gather every 2nd Sunday for a brunch-style, community potluck where we build relationships, have conversations about life and scripture, practice silence, and serve together.

Please bring a dish, side or dessert that will complement this Sunday brunch experience.

If you’d like to volunteer or help prepare the main dish, email
Two New Installations at The Portico

Cafe Artist - Demetasphere
The Community Hall - Thomas Murray


Demetasphere is an artist who is exploring the juxtaposition of the microcosm within a macrocosmic environment. She creates acrylic art that is influenced by her fascination with microbiology and the observable universe. She wants observers to get a glimpse into the microbial universe that exist in and all around us.

Read more about our cafe artist here.

Thomas Murray

Thomas Murray works primarily in oil paint, with forays into sound, music composition, performance, and digital video. His work is deeply personal--gleaned from current political events, he works on the edge of recognition. Thomas appropriates archetypal imagery, such as the Garden of Eden to explore the relations of globalization and a subtle critique of the viewer/ consumer and our place in relocating histories.

Community Hall exhibit: The Virgil Series

Read more about the artist here.
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