Hello everyone!!! Aaaaand welcome back to your thrilling monthly episode oooooof "HOW BIG IS THE LAKE?!!" brought to you by Crane's Nest Nature Center and Store, where you can buy all your refuge needs from book marks, magnets, last minute gifts and lovely lip balm with SP15 proof!! That's right SP15!! So please stop buy and help support FOMR!

As we are a few days from July, we have continued to remain in cooler weather, which most of you are pretty happy about! With that said, there has been a consistent flow of water into the lake. As of June 25, 2023, Malheur Lake has around 26,944 acres of surface water! This is ~3,810 acres larger than last month. Slowly but surely the lake is creeping in on the Narrows!!!

Will Malheur Lake reach the Narrows?? Or will the Lake have a change of flow and say, "NOT THIS YEAR NARROWS!" Tune in and find out on next month's exciting episode of "HOW BIG IS THE LAKE?!!" 

Till then have a wonderful day and safe holiday weekend!
By Alexa Martinez