Friday Contemplation: Forgiveness is complicated! Everyone wants it, but not everyone offers it (especially when others aren't remorseful). Rembrandt's masterpiece tells one of my favorite stories in the Bible from Luke, and vividly captures the complexities of God’s Prodigal Grace. It illustrates joy, forgiveness, relief, conversion, as well as resistance, anger and judgment. And when people see it, the focus tends to be on the radical forgiveness extended by the Father to his disaster-son. Rightfully so.

But receiving grace isn't the only aspect of God's Prodigal Grace. I'll be sharing about it Sunday why it's hard yet possible. Join me Sunday at the Hyde Park location at 9:30 or 11 a.m., online at 9:30, or on YouTube on demand. Let's stumble toward the Light together.

BIG BUILD SERVE DAY: We are hosting a "BIG" build day for Mindi and her daughter (Cafe Manager) as Habitat is building her first home. The foundation and walls are up! Engage on April 30.

EASTER HOSPITALITY: It's 3 weeks away. Serve by creating an excellent experience from the street to the seat on Easter at the sunrise, 9:30 a.m. or 11 a.m. services. Sign up here.

DO JUSTICE: 7 p.m. Monday, March 28, at Nativity Catholic Church in Brandon (or virtual). We will unite with 2,000 people to hold decision makers accountable to implement important changes in our community. The Nehemiah Action is an opportunity to join with 25 diverse congregations responding to our call. Sign up here.

You are Loved.

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The Portico includes a neighborhood cafe, a historic chapel, spaces to meet and work, and an event space for the public that enhances the social, artistic, and spiritual fabric of Tampa through Conversation, Connection and Community Change!

The Portico Community is a non-conventional church whose mission is to make God’s Love Real through spiritual practices and to serve the city and world in ways that address equality, housing insecurity, and economic challenge. We are a community of Hyde Park United Methodist.

The Portico Cafe is a social enterprise that offers people transitioning from homelessness, addiction, and incarceration--job training, employment ladders, and connections to safe, affordable housing. Support here.
Sunday Gathering
Grow more deeply in love. Consider these gatherings:

  • Sunday Gathering, 4/10 at 10:30: Come every 2nd Sunday to build relationships, have conversations about life and scripture, practice silence, and serve together!

  • Community Meal, 4/10 at Noon: Participate Sunday where we get our "knees under tables" with friends and neighbors who are unsheltered or hungry and occurs immediately after the Sunday Gathering. Click the link to sign up to serve.

Join a Small Group
  • Join a Group - Our community thrives as we gather, grow and serve. The Portico's primary vehicle for that is small groups. We have a bunch. If you can't find one, Justin or Mark B will help you create or join one. These new groups have spots available.
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THE GATHERING: Thank you for responding to your interest in having weekly Sunday Gatherings. For those of you who plan on being regular, identify your place to serve 1x/month by emailing me: SERVE @ The Gathering

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  • Music
  • Community Meal
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