Welcome to another exciting episode of "How Big is the Lake?!" In the spirit of duck banding, this installment is brought to you by duck poop! Forgot moisturizer? No problem, slather some duck poo and say hello to baby soft hands!! Promoted by an ODFW biologist. (Seriously, they told our seasonals this last week)

The month of July has been warmer and this year we made a little change in our management. Instead of immediately diverting water back into the Blitzen River, we have been pushing water into other fields to help minimize the turbidity caused by fast moving water from the Blitzen into Malheur Lake. The intention is to help promote establishment of the new emergent and submergent vegetation that is growing out on Malheur Lake. 

As of July 20, 2023 the lake is approximately 23,942 acres. Due to our change in water management, we may not see the lake reach the Narrows this year. But we still have one more month for those who may hold out hope!! If you look hard at the photo you can see along the shoreline of the lake the water is clear and the center of the lake is where all the turbidity is occurring. 

Thanks again for tuning into this month's episode!! Stay tuned for more!
~ Alexa Martinex, MNWR Wildlife Biologist