Words of Encouragement
from Alexis Posnanski
August 7, 2020
Since my last Words of Encouragement in June, I have made a concerted effort to focus on gratitude.

Admittedly, there are days when my gratitude is sporadic. I know we all have days like this. We are living through a perfect storm of COVID-19, endemic racism, and the continual uncertainty of the coming days, weeks, and months. Gratitude can be a fleeting thought.

But just when I feel that it is too exhausting to be grateful for all I have been given, God swoops in and either subtly or not so subtly presents me with examples of His grace. This is truly a gift from God. And a timely reminder that while we are experiencing challenging times, there are many people facing dire circumstances. It could be a lack of resources to support their family. Or major health issues. Or the many anxieties and stresses around us.

Recently, a recipient of the Pat Johnson (Patricia Mary) Assistance Fund expressed what they called an “overwhelming sense of gratitude” for the generosity of the CSMSG community. The recipient sent Fr. Peter an email and told us their story:

During this extremely turbulent time, I have many uncertainties. The fear and stress of not only the current status of our society, government, and civil unrest, the fear of not knowing how I can maintain support of the household and parent my girls alone is terrifying. I have been blessed with the kindness of SMSG in easing some of that fear.
Our family had first hand experience with a COVID illness… being that we are uninsured, I was able to get medical attention for my daughter and meet the needs of our family with your help.

Nothing is for granted. In so many ways, from the simplest to the large issues, such as keeping food in the fridge and house afloat, a sense of relief I could pay towards bills, would not have been without the kindness from the church and the hearts of parishioners. I have been shown an element of genuine selflessness that will never be forgotten. Peace to all. Together we will get through this. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

This is the kind of heartfelt and intimate story that puts gratitude in a whole new perspective.

Many, many thanks to the individuals who have made contributions to the Pat Johnson (Patricia Mary) Assistance Fund. I can’t help but think that we are able to see our mission of serving and caring for each other through a more vivid lens because of COVID-19.
As we live through uncertainty, loss, and change, I am grateful for the courage God is giving us to name and count our blessings. I pray that we continue to be open to accept God’s subtle and not so subtle examples of gratitude.

In gratitude,
Alexis Posnanski
Director of Stewardship and Giving

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