Dear Grace Family,


Do you believe in miracles? Have you experienced a miracle? We live in a world that pretends it’s all science, all business, all facts and figures, all about what we can touch, taste, hear, smell and see, hard realities, tough luck … but not far below the surface, often rising to the surface, is a plea for the miraculous.

When trouble comes, most pray for a miracle. When the diagnosis catches us by surprise, we pray. When we are feeling hopeless, friendless, directionless, most of us pray for Divine help, a miracle.

Surveys of religion in America reveal that 55% pray daily, 22% weekly or monthly. Even some who identify as atheists pray occasionally. That surprised me … and then it didn’t. 

There comes a point, will come a point, usually many points, in the life of every person past, present, and future, when this world and what it offers is not enough. We know deep down we need more. Gizmos and doohickeys, technology and hard currency, are not enough. We need a miracle. And that’s just what the Christian faith declares we have been given. God miraculously broke through the mundane and revealed Himself, His power, and His love. That is a much bigger miracle than we had imagined possible. And much more important. I believe miracles, healings, supernatural events, happen today. Not all my Christian friends agree with me on this. I believe we (Christians and non-Christians) are the beneficiaries of countless miracles each day, mostly unnoticed, often taken for granted, usually overlooked. And then there are “stop the press, hard to miss, overwhelming” miracles. Both kinds take our breath away, renew our souls, provide a glimpse of God’s power and love.

In today’s passage from the book of Acts we read about two dramatic miracles, and the effect they had on two individuals, and on their entire communities. 

When we pray for a miracle are we prepared for what will happen? God always gives, is always present, always breaks through, when we pray for a miracle. Keep praying … and then pay attention!


In Christ,

Curt McFarland

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