Dear Grace Family,


Life is fragile … I was twenty, on my way from Spokane (Whitworth) to San Francisco (home). On I-5 north of Redding Ca. I closed my eyes and drifted off. A second later at 60+ mph, I was scrapping against a rock wall. My eyes snapped open. I jerked the steering wheel to the left and back onto the freeway. If there had been a disabled car on the shoulder, a sharp turn in the road, a tree instead of the wall, a major drop-off. You’ve had those moments too … life is fragile.

A chance accident … the whim of an evil person … the suddenness of a diagnosis … eyes closed for a few seconds, and our life changes (or ends) in an instant.

Our health, finances, relationships, at times even our faith, is fragile.

James, and then Peter, two close friends and followers of Jesus knew this. One was killed quickly. The other waited for his executioner.

This morning we see the fragileness of life, and the goodness of God.  


In Christ,

Curt McFarland

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