Dear Grace Family,

Stephen has just one appearance in the Bible – but his impact is eternal.

He is introduced in the book of Acts as a man “everyone trusts”, “full of

the Holy Spirit” and of “good sense”, “brimming with God’s grace and

energy…doing wonderful things among the people.”

The apostles needed help! They needed ‘deacons’ who could care for

the people flocking by the thousands to their community of faith. Those

chosen were humble, kind, caring, full of the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Stephen was just such a man.

Your life too, like Stephen, can have an eternal impact for God. The way

you serve and love others, the things of God you give testimony to, and

the legacy of faith you leave behind all count for eternity in the

Kingdom of God.

Stephen shows us not only how to live for Jesus but also how to die for

Jesus. He is considered the First Christian Martyr.

In Christ,

Robin Stuber

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