June 7, 2024

Meetings this Week:

Sunday @ 3:00pm - Grief Group

Sunday @ 5:00pm - Youth

Wednesday @ 5:45pm - SPRC

Wednesday @ 6:30pm - Choir

Thursday @ 5:45pm - Trustees/Finance

June Birthdays

Bulletin for Sunday - June 9, 2024

Sunday Lesson - Al Rose & Wesley Classes

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Doors for Sue's Table open Mondays @ 2:00pm. Come join us for games, fellowship, and a movie!

Sunday Questions

In this Sermon series, we are inviting people to ask questions and we will do our best to answer them. This week, we received these questions:

  1. Who made God?
  2. How many worlds did God create before God created our world?
  3. Does God have brothers and sisters?
  4. Does God have a father and a mother?

God always has been so there was no beginning to God. God existed before time even existed. Our world is so vast, scientists keep going out further and further, expanding our knowledge and our wonder.

As for God's family, we think of God in terms of a relationship - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. That is a difficult concept for people to grasp because our brains can be limited and God is not. We can think in terms of Creator, Redeemer & Sustainer. We can also think of God, God's word made flesh (Jesus), and God's breath (Holy Spirit). There is nothing in Scripture that refers to God in any other relationship involving deities.

Thank you for your questions!

Dear Friends,

We hope you can join us for worship this Sunday then stay for Lunch & Learn. The menu is chicken served with green beans and hash brown casserole. Various members are bringing desserts so you know the dessert table will be amazing! Our Administrative Committees met this week and we will be sharing reports and letting you know our goals for the remainder of 2024. Your table will have the opportunity to share a goal as well. What is the one thing you believe would make a difference for Jesus in 2024?

Our Young Adults will be handing out popcorn and information on Vacation Bible School at First Friday tonight. The enthusiasm they have for our church is contagious. In a world that is so negative and divided, people are looking for a community where God's love shows through in every thing we do. Thank you to all the volunteers that are working so hard for this year's VBS. It is just a month away!

Thank you to the Youth who helped us to finally get all the beds in the nursery and out of the chapel. We have been busy cleaning up the chapel and setting it up to be used for Early Christian Awareness. This will be something new for our church and it is one of the steps we are taking to create a full Sunday morning experience for our families. Sometimes we take two steps forward and one step back. We still have not found anyone who will agree to coordinate Sunday School for ages 4 through 5th grade. Sally deFrance committed to teach Youth Sunday school but attendance has not been what we had hoped. We will not give up as we continue to look for solutions. Please keep this situation in your prayers.

As I write this on Thursday afternoon, I am thinking about D-Day and the tremendous sacrifice made eighty-years ago by so many young Americans. The second church I pastored, Oak Forest UMC, was started as a church of young veterans and their families. When I was their pastor, many of the vets were in their late seventies and early eighties. I heard so many of their stories and preached at way too many of their funerals. It took a long time for America to enter the war because there was a movement then that believed we could exist alone and we did not need to be involved. Pearl Harbor changed that mindset. We are not alone in this world. God created us to be in relationship and while we like to think it is us versus them, the Gospel reminds us that there is no them. We are all God's children.

Round Robin Service will begin next Sunday, June 16th, at Smackover. You will not want to miss it! Have a great weekend and we hope to see you Sunday!

Grace and peace,


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