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October 13, 2023

Upcoming Events

October 17

Middle School Committee Meeting, 6 pm, Wild River Pizza, CP

October 19

Crafting Circle, 3:30-5:00 pm

October 20

Friday Assembly- 3rd grade


October 21

Stewardship Day 10-1 pm

October 23

Fundraising Committee Meeting, 3:30 pm

October 27

Friday Assembly- 4th grade

Middle School Dance, 5-7 pm

October 30

No School- Grades Day

October 31

Halloween Parade, 1:30 pm

Main Lesson Bookwork by Aiza Caran, 5th grade

From the Director

Dear Madrone Family,

Oh my… the nine-year change! What an interesting time of life! 


I taught 5th grade for several years back in the day. It always made me smile when I surveyed my class on the first day of school. All of those eager eyes staring back at me, dressed in their new clothes, wondering if I was mean, or comical. I used a lot of humor in my teaching, and initially only about a third of the class would get my jokes. Throughout the course of the year, they all fell in line and were able to follow the punchlines. Basically, they were all at different stages of the nine-year change.


According to Waldorf author Thomas Poplawski, child development specialists have long recognized that between age nine and ten children undergo a marked change. Some experts describe this transition as the crossing of the dividing line between early childhood and full childhood, while others speak in more romantic terms of a “fall from grace.” So what is it that is going on?


Almost a century ago, Rudolf Steiner studied the developmental stages of childhood. He identified three seven-year stages in the child’s passage from birth to adulthood. At birth the child emerges as an independent physical being in the world. But according to Steiner, the unique individuality or ego of the child incarnates or takes hold of this body only gradually. In each of the seven year stages, the ego manifests itself more fully.


The first glimmer of this individuality occurs when the child turns two. Taking place part of the way through the first seven-year period (birth to age seven), this stage of development is commonly known as “the terrible twos!" What makes this time terrible is that the child is making their first concerted effort to be recognized as a separate person. An important milestone in this process occurs when, usually around the third birthday, the child begins to use the word “I” and to really understand what the word means.


The second seven-year period (age seven through fourteen) is also marked by a significant watershed after the second year. This is “the nine-year change” or “nine-year crisis.” It is a confusing transition for the child and parents that may involve moments of crisis that are a preview of things to come during adolescence.


Prior to age seven or eight, most children are sunny, smiling, exuberant, joyful beings—little angels, for the most part. Around the ninth birthday, however, a tinge of melancholy and self-consciousness begins to creep in. Up to this time, the child has lived and learned through imitation, taking in the world around and echoing its moods and its patterns. Now, though, the harmonious resonance between child and world quickly fades. The child begins to separate from the world and find them self standing apart and alone.


This shift in the experience of self and world is, of course, difficult for the child. In developing Waldorf education, Steiner tried to help children deal with this experience. Thus in the third grade, Waldorf children learn the story of Adam and Eve and the expulsion from the Garden of Eden. The story of Adam and Eve is meaningful for nine-year-olds because they are going through their own inner expulsion from Paradise.


As I interact with the children at the start of this year, the nine-year change is manifesting itself in spades! Our third grade is much more energetic, the fourth grade has become more solid, and the fifth grade… well, they are just plain loud! I mean, the volume went from 4 to 10 over the summer! But that is to be expected. These children SHOULD be different from year to year. They should push the boundaries. They should strive for individuality and independence. I get after the fifth grade for being loud, but only because the kindergarten class is across the hall, but in reality, they are a fantastic bunch and it’s fun to watch them grow! 


The changes that children undergo between ages nine and ten can be confusing and challenging for parents and teachers as well as for the children themselves. We adults need to be aware that these changes represent a necessary stage in the development of the child and that they do not go on forever (Thank goodness!). Also, we need to provide love, support, and guidance to our children during this transitional time of inwardness and loneliness. And we need to be ready to let go of our “little angels” and accept them as unfolding young men and women in the making. In the end, this stage will lead to a new self-assurance and sense of independence and identity in the child.

Have a wonderful weekend,

~Kendall Roberts


Jog-a-thon-- Next Friday!

We will be having our 12th annual Jog-a-thon on Friday, October 20! Forms went home last week and are due the day of the Jog-a-thon. There are extra Jog-a-thon forms in the office and on the website (click on the calendar event). This is a big fundraiser every year for our school. Last year we made over $17,000! The money we earn goes towards classroom funds, our athletic program, and helps fund Games events the older grades attend.

We will need parent volunteers, especially in the lower grades, to help mark laps, attend to the water stations, set-up the tables, and clean-up afterwards. If you can help on the day of please let Ms. Cori know, or just show up the day of. You will need to be a registered volunteer to participate.

The classes will be running at the following times:

6th-8th grade: 9:00-10:00 am

1st grade: 11:10-11:40 am

2nd-3rd grade: 11:45-12:30 pm

4th-5th grade: 1:45-2:45 pm

Stewardship Day

It's time for our first Stewardship Day of the school year! Our School needs YOUR help to refresh, organize and beautify our campus:

When: Saturday, Oct. 21st, 10am-1pm.

What: Our Middle School teachers and Site Committee members will be on campus to hold this day of stewardship for our school. Please see the project list below and click on the link to sign up for a project that calls to you. 

Please check-in at the Kinderyard between 10-10:30 am to be guided to your task/project. 

Bring: Tools/gloves for your specified task, and a water bottle. 

Child care: Provided by the 8th grade! Cash donations are gladly accepted and will go toward their 8th grade class trip fundraiser.  

Lunch: Pizza will be provided at noon! 


  • Weed whacking
  • Costume closet organizing
  • Decluttering/dump runs
  • Gardening- planting, mulching
  • Blackberry removal
  • Picnic table repairs and refinishing

What project calls to you? Sign up by clicking the link below:

Stewardship Day Sign-Up Sheet

From the Kitchen


The kids and staff are loving our new hot lunch entrees! Be sure to order by Saturday at 10 am for the upcoming week. We highly recommend pre-ordering through winter break! As a reminder, if you are paid status, your account will not be debited until your student receives the meal (if they are absent or don’t take a school lunch, you will not be charged). Sandwiches & soup will still be available every day without having to pre-order!

Still haven’t applied for free meals?

Click here to apply for free breakfast and lunch 

Free lunch applications are being accepted and are essential to complete if you qualify, even if you were approved last year. The approval process is quick, and can still be done for this school year.

New parents: Click here for instructions to register your EZ app meals account 


Please note that snacks are available during each class’ snack period. We highly encourage parents of students in grades K-2 to pack a snack so your student does not have to leave the classroom during this period. We do not offer free snacks, even if you qualify for free breakfast and lunch and you do need to have funds on your EZ app account if you would like your student to be able to purchase snacks. Examples of snacks we offer are fresh fruit, milk, cheese, granola, nutri grain bars, and chips (baked Lays, pita chips).

Pricing and Payments

If you do not qualify for free meals, a complete meal for lunch will be $3.50 for grades K-2 and $4.25 for grades 3-8. Breakfast including fresh fruit and milk is $3 for all grades. A la carte and snack items will also be available for purchase during breakfast, snack and lunch periods. You will need to have funds in your EZ account to pay for snacks and a la carte items (all parents). Funds can be added to your account online or you may avoid the processing fee and provide funds to Ms. Sherrie ($10 minimum please). We do not accept payments at our point of service. 

Thank you!

From the Athletic Director

One more week! Our Cross Country runners and Volleyball players have been hard at work these past 7 weeks improving and preparing for these final competitions coming up next week. I know everyone reading this is giving them a big round of applause in their hearts.


Reminder: Up next is Boys’ Basketball. Athletic participation forms were sent home with 6th-8th grade boys who showed interest. Practice begins October 23rd. Feel free to email me If you need more information. Girls, be on the lookout for forms to go home before Winter Break.




Monday we played the Valley School and Wednesday we played Lorna Byrne. Both days Varsity lost all 3 sets and JV won 2 sets to 1. Fiona, Anastasia, and Faith had great serves, while Natasha had some great returns at the net. Coach Jen is very pleased with the effort and teamwork displayed by our Lady Dragons.


Next Week: Final week


Monday 10/16 @ New Hope JV at 4:00/Varsity at 5:00


Wednesday 10/18 Home VS Rogue River Varsity at 4:00/JV 5:00


Cross Country


Yesterday our runners got to run at the very lovely Valley of the Rogue State Park. The fine weather and awesome setting proved to be useful as several of our runners ran their personal best!



(Out of 67 female runners)


Maddie Bevers 13:59.7 (15th overall)

Sidra Price 14:48.1 (27th overall)

Kaela Morgan 18:49.2 (49th overall) (New PR)


(Out of 81 male runners)


Theo Gerig 13:09.9 (25th overall) (New PR)

Isaac Richardson 14:08.9 (39th overall) (New PR)


Next week:


Thursday, Oct. 19th @ Jackson County Expo


Race Times:

·  JV2 girls 2:00 (Kaela Morgan)

·  JV2 boys 2:45 (John Richardson)

·  Varsity girls 4:30 (Sidra Price, Maddie Bevers)

·  Varsity boys 5:00 (Isaac Richardson, Theo Gerig)

Madrone Athletics Sponsors


I am very excited to announce our first 3 sponsors of the year. Their contributions will go a long way towards helping making this year’s sports programs successful and available for our middle school students.


Thank you so much to these three amazing sponsors. Our athletic program here at Madrone would not be possible without them and other companies that will be providing support in the future. I feel truly honored that these companies find value in the sports programs that we our providing for our young people and want to be a part of it.


Go Dragons,

Jeff Roberson

Calyx CPA


At Calyx, we believe accurate accounting helps lay the foundation for a successful business. Our passion is to assist entrepreneurs in building thriving businesses and realizing their dreams, so our team of licensed professionals is committed to providing expert tax and accounting services in a timely fashion.


Calyx helps cannabis businesses optimize their accounting and minimize their tax liability. Our team understands the challenges of the cannabis industry and can assist business owners in navigating the financial complexities associated with those challenges.

Barking Moon Farms


Barking Moon Farm is a certified organic family farm located in the Applegate Valley of southwestern Oregon. We've been farming for sixteen years on five to seven acres of farmland. We are dedicated to organic agriculture and the small farm and distributing nutritious, delicious, and visually stunning food to the local community. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our farm!

Rothfus Family Dental


Dr. Karla Rothfus loves what she does, and she loves making her patients smile. She has been serving the Rogue Valley’s dental needs for over 21 years.


Dr. Karla Rothfus’ patients benefit by getting the most beautiful, functional, and longest lasting dental work available. She believes in the concept of a team and has surrounded herself with empowered team members to provide her patients with the highest level of care available.

“We work hard to provide the ultimate in care, service, quality and time for our patients. We want all of our patients to leave knowing that they received the best dental care available in a safe and relaxing environment.”

Madrone Trail T-shirts Update

Our pre-sale window has closed. We had 110 items ordered! If you were unable to order this round and still want a shirt or hoodie we will be reopening the link near the end of the month. At that time your choices for delivery will be shipped to your house for a fee or pick up for free at Moxley Media, located off Rossanley Dr.

Pre-ordered items should arrive late next week. We'll keep you posted!

If you have any questions please contact Ms. Cori,

Crafting Circle

Hello Crafters!

We had a lovely first Crafting Circle this last Friday with 8 families attending! Ms. Sarah shared a lovely knitting tutorial and shared some patterns that the children are working on. We also had some wet felting tutorials and the kids loved participating! 

Our next Crafting Circle will be Thursday, October 19th 3:30-5:00 pm at the school playground. Children are welcome!

Want to sign up to receive Crafting Circle e-mails? Click the link below.

This week I will be giving a crocheting tutorial and handing out our 3rd grade crochet hat pattern to anyone who is interested. If you have a child attending please prepare them for free play and bring a snack! Older children are welcome to participate in crafting if they are self led and the parent is in attendance.

Please Bring:

  • A craft you are working on
  • A project you have made to show at the beginning of group
  • Any patterns or books that you love
  • A cozy camping hair if you have one

If you have any questions please reach out!


Megan Shaw

Crafting Circle Sign-up

Halloween Costume Guidelines

As you look to purchase or make your child's Halloween costume this year please observe our school guidelines surrounding the Halloween costumes that they wear at school. If students would like to dress up in something that is outside these guidelines, we encourage them to do that on Halloween night instead of at school.

  • Bring your costume to change into before parade. Parade will be at 1:30 pm for 1st-8th grade.
  • Kindergarten families, look for emails from your student's teacher about kindergarten specific plans.
  • Homemade costumes are encouraged.
  • Costumes must follow the school dress code.
  • Keep face paint, make-up, and hair simple (you’re going to be applying it all at school.)
  • You must be able to sit, walk, hear, and see and be seen with your costume on (no full face masks)
  • No costumes that are gory/scary.
  • No prop weapons.

Community Offerings

Volunteer Opportunity

Substitute Teachers and Assistants Wanted

We are always looking for more Substitute Teachers and Substitute Assistants to be on call throughout the year. If you are interested, please check out our Indeed ads here: SubstituteTeacher and Substitute Teacher Assistant

Quote of the Day

Handlettered by Ms. Cori


Madrone Trail Public Charter School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or age in its programs and activities.