To Seek & Save the Lost

June 7, 2024

A M o m e n t o f I n s p i r a t i on

I believe it was Holly M. who shared this Adventist Review article, Witnessing for Introverts, in a text group. It spoke to me.

"What if there was one thing you could do that would increase your likelihood of witnessing by 228 percent? But wait, there’s more! This one behavior makes you 407 percent more likely to memorize scriptures and 30 percent less likely to struggle with loneliness.

OK, I may be starting to sound like an infomercial, but I promise this one thing will change your life more than any product you could buy. That one thing, according to a study done by the Center for Bible Engagement, is reading your Bible four or more times per week.

Now, this shouldn’t be terribly difficult, as Bibles aren’t exactly hard to come by. Nine out of 10 Americans own this best-selling book, and in fact, the average American household has four Bibles. But the truth is, only one out of four American Christians read the Bible regularly.

Why aren’t more of us reading the Bible? The number-one reason is being too busy. Other reasons include heart issues (such as discouragement or feelings of guilt), not recognizing the need, lack of accountability, not knowing where to start, and difficulty understanding the Bible.

If you fall into any of these categories, these ideas can help get you started..."

Read the rest of the article here


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"Learning to be like Jesus, to seek and save the lost"


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*** SABBATH, JUNE 8 ***

11:00 am: Dr. Harold Lee, speaker

After church: Prayer brainstorming meeting in kitchen

1:15 pm: Sabbath Fellowship Group

June 8, Prayer Brainstorming after church: Do you wish we had more opportunities to pray together? On June 8th right after the service please join us for an open discussion regarding group prayer ideas. Do we need extended prayer sessions during crisis, before nominating committee or evangelistic efforts? Do we need to organize special times to focus prayer for our children, our families, our country, our missing members, etc? 

Let's explore those thoughts on June 8th after the service. There is no potluck, so bring something simple to eat as we meet in the kitchen. If you can't be there in person you can attend by clicking the Zoom link below.

Join via Zoom here

SIDEWALK EVANGELISM REPORT: Stone Tower mailed out 42,000 Bible study mailers this week, and several teams handed out 4-600 more. We reserved 5,000 of the mailers for church members to give out. Please get a stack of them from the ERC room and use the Rose Festival's myriads of opportunities to go out in teams of two or three and sow the seed wildly!

June 11, 6:30pm: Elders' meeting in the Chaplain's Office at Portland Adventist Medical Center. This is a smaller office, so if you are planning to attend please notify one of the elders. Thank you!

June 12 & June 19, 7:00 pm: Prayer meeting

June 13 & 20, 7pm: Thinking Well, Living Well Mental Health Seminar at the church.

Calling our male singers to participate in a special men's chorus to share on Fathers' Day Sabbath, June 15th. See Jay Brownell to join and for more information.

June 15, Fathers' Day Sabbath: In honor of the fathers in our church, a slideshow presentation is being created to be shared during church service on June 15th. If you would like to be included in the slideshow, please email a photo of you and your dad, or (for dads) of you and your child(ren), to the email address below. Deadline for photos is June 12th. The slideshow will not be livestreamed. womensministry@stonetowersda.org

*** SABBATH, JUNE 15 ***

11:00 am: Elder Leonid Zakhariya, speaker

1:15 pm: Sabbath Fellowship Group

3:00 pm: Mirror Lake hike (see below)

Mirror Lake hike: Join the social committee in a Sabbath afternoon hike to Mirror Lake. Bring your lunch and supper, necessary hiking gear and water. Parking is next to Mt Hood Skibowl at 85200 US-26, Government Camp, OR.  We will meet at the trailhead at 3pm. Expect about an 1 hour drive from church. A Recreation Pass is required to park at the trailhead, $5 per vehicle per day. Please plan ahead. 

Distance is 1.9 miles to lake, 3.8 miles to ridge.

Elevation 460 feet climb to lake, 1400 feet climb to ridge from 3500-4900 feet.

Recreation Pass here

Click on the map for trail information.

June 18, 6:00pm: Finance Committee

June 18, 7:00pm: Board meeting

Board Meeting report: Jonathan Russell from the Oregon Conference met with the board on May 21. Expectations were discussed, and we all agreed that communication is the lifeblood of trust and that we hope to build better communication going forward. Everyone was encouraged by our meeting, and we expect positive action at the next Executive Committee meeting.

June 22 guest speaker, Calvin Kim: His first message will be at Adult Sabbath School on "The basics of witnessing -- winning people's confidence before introducing people to Jesus." Church service will be partly his testimony and "Compelling reasons for why we all need to get engaged in the work of soul winning." There will be a fellowship meal. Then the afternoon message is "Practical tips on soul winning/evangelism."

Sunday, June 23, 2024, 2:00 pm Sacred Music Study:  Got questions? The Bible has the answers! Come to Part One of the Stone Tower Music Department's Sacred Music Study. The presentation will be held in the Fellowship Hall. This event is open to all Stone Tower church members and guests, as well as to members of other SDA churches. Bring your Bibles and prepare to dig deep into God's word to learn the beautiful truth about music!

June 28-30: Youth & Young adult beach camping trip at Cape Lookout. See Ed Johnson for details.

July 1st: A Women's Locker is being created for our ladies in need. Please take lightly used clothing & female essentials donations to the ERC room in the foyer. 

July 6 after Fellowship meal: Lay Preaching Workshop. Come get pointers on how to make a presentation. You can even give a short practice sermon and get feedback. More details to come.

Please feel free to send pictures of events to the Secretary email at the bottom of the newsletter.

Sabbath Fellowship Group

meets at 1:15 downstairs in the

ABC classroom when there are

no other afternoon meetings.

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lots of great resources.


"Pray without ceasing."

(1 Thess. 5:17)

We have a special prayer time on Sabbath mornings

Come join us at 9:30 am

in the front of the sanctuary to pray for our church and our members.

Come to the Hour of Power at Stone Tower

Wednesdays at 7:00 PM.

Please ring the doorbell or knock hard.

We meet in the kitchen.



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My Bible First Kindergarten and Primary Lessons


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Prayer Group meets EVERY evening at 7:00pm PDT. Join the North America Prayer Group through zoom by clicking this link:

Password: 247247

May 31-June 1: (Note: this speaker will be at Stone Tower July 27 -- maybe not the same talk, but about creation science.) Healing Hope Fellowship will host guest speaker, Michael Calcagno, President of Arizona Origin Science Association (AOSA). He will present “God of Wonders! God of Numbers” Friday evening, May 31 at 6:30. His Sabbath presentation at 10:50 am is titled “Is God Arbitrary?” You won’t want to miss these presentations! Plan to attend both presentations and bring a friend. Healing Hope Fellowship is at 15150 NE Glisan St., Portland.

Adventist Health First Friday, June 7, 7:15 pm: You are invited to our next First Friday on June 7. First Friday is a once-monthly inspirational community fellowship event held at Adventist Health Portland Medical Center at 7:15 p.m. on the lower level in Amphitheaters C & D. 

This First Friday will feature an inspirational talk by Jon Holland and music by Pleasant Valley Worship Team. We would like to invite you to join us for this FREE event and we encourage you to invite your friends and family members. You may download this flyer for additional information.

Use the above link to also register.

June 8, Mt. Tabor Church: Jonathan Campbell, PhD, will be doing a 1-day seminar on the history of the Bible. He will present "Scribes and Manuscripts," covering the creation and history of the Bible. He will be preaching during the worship service and presenting in the afternoon after a potluck lunch. This educational seminar will be presented for all those curious to learn -- Adventist and non-Adventist alike -- so be sure to invite your friends! For questions, call the church office at (503) 233-7606.

June 8, 4:00 pm, Sunnyside Adventist Church presents another Evensong featuring Michael Koller at the organ and Pastor Seth Pierce, Ph.D., presenting the spoken word. Come and enjoy a blessing of spiritual connection on this Sabbath afternoon. Sunnyside Church is located at 10501 SE Market Street, Portland, Oregon 97216.

Dinner with a Doctor, Dr. Eric Walsh

When: June 21, 2024 @ 6:00 PM

Location: Sandy Seventh-day Adventist Church, 18575 SE Langensand Rd., Sandy, OR 97055

Topic: Secrets for Restful Sleep

Eric Walsh, MD, DrPH

Dr. Walsh is a graduate of the University of Miami School of Medicine and Loma Linda University School of Public Health where he received his master's and a doctorate in public health. He has served two U.S. presidents (George W. Bush and Barack Obama) as an advisor on HIV/AIDS. Dr. Walsh is a practicing physician, health care administrator and public health expert. He travels the globe speaking on many subjects. 

Need more info? Call/Text Tami Beaty at 503-698-4622

Register Here
Plant-based Cooking Class Registration:

A message from Arnie Schnell's daughter: A memorial service for Arnold Schnell will be held on June 23rd, 2024 at the Rockwood SDA church at 1PM. Arnold was a teacher at Portland Adventist Elementary School for 25 years. Please join his family as they remember their loved one.

In lieu of flowers please support Rockwood church’s scholarship fund by placing your money gift in the appropriate container or by mailing your gift to the Rockwood SDA Church and notating that it is to go for school scholarships. Thank you for helping more students receive an Adventist education by remembering Arnie and his teaching.

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Drive-through hours: Mon-Fri 9-11:00am and every first Thursday of the month 5-7:00pm. If someone you know needs food please tell them about PACS. Any questions, call 503-252-8500 or email: info@pacsonline.org.

PACS Thrift Store: Sun 11-4:00pm, Mon-Thurs 9-5:00pm, Fri 9-2:30pm.

Donation drop-off center: Mon-Thurs 9-1:00pm and Sun 11-2:00pm.

Gateway Grace Dental Clinic accepts uninsured patients for low-cost preventative dental care. Call 503-907-6768, email dental@pacsonline.org.

Volunteer for this much-needed service at PACS:

Does this fit you? You’d like to volunteer, but…

I can’t stand any length of time. I can't lift anything heavy. My calendar changes all the time.

This volunteer position is just for you. We need client data entered. You can sit and at your own pace enter information. The time is flexible.

Please call Jaclyn Russell if this is a good fit for you or if there is something else for which you would like to volunteer.

PACS Thrift store has many shoppers. We need Steps to Christ, Bibles, and Guides to share with them. If you have some to share please let us know or bring them to PACS and hand them in to the office.

PACS has a job opening for Thrift Store assistant manager. Check the link below to apply.

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Easy Vegan French Toast -- 10 minutes

Minimalist Baker introduces the only vegan French toast recipe you’ll ever need. It’s quick, simple and yields perfectly fluffy, caramelized, eggy, custardy French toast that tastes just like the real thing!

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