Above: Film still from Seniors Rocking, 2010.

Dear Film Lovers,

Please enjoy this fourth installment of our Older Americans Month Friday film recommendations—featuring selections from our past festival programs. In this set of films, connection is as simple as rocking in a chair, or as bold as an ocean adventure or hanging upside down from a great height. The last two clips are of Older Australians. We hope that our elders in Mill Valley and in the antipodes inspire you to get out there however you can, to connect with others, to connect with the world!

Seniors Rocking

Documentary Short, Dir. Ruedi Gerber, 2010, 28 mins.

American Dance pioneer Anna Halprin died May 25, 2021, at age 100. We honor her life as an artist and healer. The film portrays a unique performance with residents of two retirement homes in California, when 50 people ages 65 to 100, joined forces to perform together. (And, yes, 50 rocking chairs have a place in this piece!) Watch a trailer HERE. Watch the full film at the link below.

Fearless Films, Season 1, Peter

Documentary Short, 2018, 2 mins.

In this short piece from the Australian non-profit care group, Feros Care, 87 year-old Peter is keen for another ocean adventure with his old Tongan crew mate, Mano. They sail a yacht into the ocean and organize a drone to capture the results. [Peter and Mano first met when Peter rescued Mano and 5 other teenage castaways from an uninhabited Tongan island. You can see an excerpt of a 1966 short documentary HERE.] Watch the Fearless Films short at the link below.

Fearless Films, Season 1, Julie

Documentary Short, 2018, 2 mins.

In this other short piece from Feros Care, Julie Crow is vibrant and strong and proves it by challenging herself to do something she’s never done before in all her 76 years: swing upside down from a circus trapeze. When we screened this for our 2023 Film Fest, one of our viewers told us that this film inspired them, after a long period of seclusion, to finally leave the house and go for a walk. Watch the Fearless Films short at the link below.

President Biden recently delivered a proclamation on Older Americans Month. "This month and beyond, I call upon all Americans to celebrate older adults for their contributions, support their independence, and recognize their unparalleled value to our Nation." To read more click HERE.

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