Exciting news alert: did you know we offer investigative workshops online in French? Dive into a 60-minute STEM adventure guided by a dynamic French-speaking presenter. Topics may vary by province, so hop on over to our website to discover what's available in your area!


✔French Website

For a completely French booking experience, head over to our French website, Scientifiques à l'école

✔Francophone Presenters

Our presenters are highly-trained with academic or professional backgrounds in STEM, and many of our French presenters are native Francophones.

✔French Program Coordinator

Our program has a dedicated French program coordinator who is committed to supporting French programs across Canada and assisting you with any French-language requests you may have.

« C'est avec joie que nous accueillons chaleureusement des élèves en immersion française de toutes les régions du pays, prêts à vivre une expérience pratique en français dans le domaine des STIM. Toute notre équipe est heureuse d’appuyer votre programme d'étude et nous avons hâte de vous rencontrer ! »

-Valérie Lajeunesse, Coordonnatrice du programme français 

"We're overjoyed to extend a warm welcome to French Immersion students from all corners of the country ready to experience hands-on STEM enrichment in French. Our whole team is excited to support your program. We look forward to working with you!"

-Valérie Lajeunesse, French Language Coordinator

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On the Move!


Explore how things move! Discover the science behind a magic trick, defy gravity by creating a balancing bird, engineer a car and race it to the finish line. We’ll be on the move!

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En mouvement!


Explorez les différents modes de déplacement des objets. Cet atelier vous permettra de découvrir les fondements scientifiques d’un tour de magie, de défier les lois de la gravité en créant un oiseau à balancier et de concevoir une automobile qui vous permettra de franchir la ligne d’arrivée! Bref, un atelier où ça bouge!

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As a Matter of Fact...

Grades 4-6*

Discover why chemistry matters! Explore solubility, crystallization and a change in state while writing your initials. Create a situation where nothing remains the same and observe and identify the indicators of a chemical change. Solve a mystery using the physical and chemical properties of materials found in the cupboard!

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*Our workshops are tailored to align with curriculum standards, which means the grade level may vary from province to province.

La matière dans tous ses états...

Cycle 4-6*

Découvrez pourquoi il est important de s’intéresser à la chimie. Cet atelier se penchera notamment sur la solubilité, la cristallisation et les modifications d’état lorsque vous inscrirez vos initiales avec une solution

mystère. Vous devrez créer une

situation où rien n’échappe au changement.

Puis, vous devrez observer et

identifier les indicateurs d’un changement chimique. Vous devrez aussi résoudre un mystère en utilisant les propriétés physiques et chimiques des

matériaux provenant d’un placard de la maison!

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*Nos ateliers sont adaptés pour s'aligner sur les normes du programme d'études, ce qui signifie que le niveau scolaire peut varier d'une province à l'autre.

As we head into spring, bookings tend to fill up quickly, we encourage you to book now to reserve your spot! Click to reserve or email us at


Get ready to blast off into National Engineering Month with an out-of-this-world interview featuring Kumudu Jinadasa, Project Engineer and Mission Manager at the Canada Space Agency! This interview isn't just defying gravity – it's breaking barriers and inspiring minds! Join us for an exhilarating conversation about moon exploration, space careers, and the incredible impact of women and girls in engineering. Buckle up, because this is one interview your students won't want to miss!

Premiere date: Thursday, March 21st on YouTube.

Grades 6-12.

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Get ready to celebrate everyone's favorite math symbol with a Pi classroom party on March 14th!

Pi (π) represents the magical ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, and we're turning that into a delicious learning adventure.

Download our FREE educational resource and join the fun as we calculate circumferences using licorice laces and popcorn! Let's make math tasty and memorable!

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«Mes élèves et moi avons beaucoup appris et aimé l'atelier «haut dans les airs». Je craignais qu'un atelier virtuel serait trop impersonnel pour engager les élèves, mais à ma grande surprise, les enfants étaient engagés et enthousiastes. Ils ont continué à explorer le matériel et à perfectionner leurs parachutes même après la fin de l'atelier avec l'animatrice. Merci !»

"My students and I learned a lot and enjoyed the Up in the Air workshop. I was concerned that an online workshop would be too impersonal to engage students, but to my surprise, the children were engaged and enthusiastic. They continued to explore the equipment and perfect their parachutes even after the workshop with the facilitator ended. Thanks!"

Grade 5/6 Teacher after an Up in the Air! workshop.

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