"Freedom" in a living room, 72x60 inches. Acrylic on canvas

June 26, 2024

Dearest Friend,

Happy summer! As we approach Independence Day, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to share my new 72x60 inch painting, "Freedom." (above)

My first painting with faceless figures was "Distance," (below) painted in the earliest days of Covid. Journalist Chelle Koster Walton wrote in Gulfshore Life magazine that the painting was "a series of spaced-out, faceless, spiritual beings across the plane of her canvas"! In the spirit of the times, I was imagining people who were alone, but also sharing space together.

"Distance," 60x60, featured in Gulfshore Life magazine

I then began painting a series of girls, purposefully faceless so that the paintings are emotional expressions, not portraits. I started painting them during the pandemic to express a sense of protection, joy and naivete.

"Tutu" 48x36 inches

"Without Limits" 48x36 inches

Different girl paintings evolved one day when I was painting an abstract, stood back, and said "oh my gosh, there's a girl." I "cut out" the figure with my brush, and you can see the abstract painting in her face, arms and dress.

Drips and splotches of color convey her spirit, primitive and overflowing.

"Destiny" 48x60 inches

"Bespoke" 48x60 inches

Another new painting, "Crosswalk," even has a few boys!

These figures are more defined, more individual.

Faceless figures continue to intrigue me.

Meanwhile, in Michigan!

Amy Art Gallery + Studio on Main Street in Bay Harbor

If you happen to be in or near Bay Harbor or Naples this summer, please come visit. I'm painting in Bay Harbor most days or by appointment, and my gallery associate, Leslie Vega, is in the Naples gallery Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

And as always, connect with me on my website,, which is ever-evolving.

Happy Independence Day!


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