Each individual is responsible for creating his own world by bringing what is inside of him (his combined world of concepts) to the perception of what is outside of him, and then determining his relationship to those perceptions for good or ill. Finding the bridge between the inner world of a thinker and the outer world of perception is the key to philosophy and the science of knowing. Perception gives us a chance to "know" something about the world and our relationship to it. But the real question is: What cans the observer know?  
Is the outer world of perception a dream as some philosophies believe?  
Are we sure that we can actually "know" our personal self or the outer world?  
What is the relationship of human thinking to the outer world of perception?  
Can we change the perception of the outside world through our own personal thinking?
Do we project our personal world of concepts, memories, expectations and thinking upon the world and thereby color our perception or even change it altogether?  
Modern science or philosophy will not help us much with the questions above. Scientists who study perception offer little help in finding answers to the big questions of: What is perception? What is matter? What is thought and how is it produced? What does thinking have to do with perception?
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by Sophia Musik 

The life-giving teachings that enliven the etheric body are explained in this new theory of education derived from Waldorf education and philosophies that teach that each person replicates the entire evolution of humanity.
A comprehensive overview of the ethers from ancient teachings to the ideas of anthroposophists and modern scientific theories and their function in the human etheric body.
Know Her
Begin your journey in opening the Seven Seals and discover the living imaginations and hidden nature of the Sophia -the Great Triple Goddess.

Know Yourself
Learn how the etheric light that dances from the pineal gland to the pituitary gland is of utmost imprtance in turning matter into spirit. 
Be Pure
Open the seventh seal and secret teachings of the Sophia Christos Initiation and consiously cross the threshold of the spiritual world. 

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