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Free Lunch at Ridgeland & Hardeeville Campus

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Free Lunch at Ridgeland & Hardeeville Campus

Creating an Exciting Learning Environment!

We had so much fun Tuesday morning, showing our WOOHOO spirit!

Summer Camp Activities in JCSD

Subject: 3D Shapes

Scholars made various shapes with flat cardboard and cardboard tubes. They then, put those shapes toger to sign a rocket ship! 

Our Scholars at Hardeeville Elementary Made Lightsabers

Throughout the summer session in Mr. Lemuel Mosquito's class, the students studied the properties of electricity and light, and delved into the workings of circuits. Using this knowledge, they designed and built their own lightsabers. The students experimented with different colored lights and smoothie straws to find a color combination they liked. Once they finished constructing their lightsabers, they put together a performance and demonstrated their lightsaber skills for their peers.

Ms. Bree Lauffer's Summer School Class Activities

Activities include creating kaleidoscopes, making paper circuits, testing different colors in the sun, making solar ovens, and creating cardboard robots.

Tape Painting Exercise at Ridgeland Elementary

Subject: Lines and Shapes 

Younger Kids: 

Kids place tape on the canvas, paint with different colors, and then remove the tape to reveal the lines they made once the paint is dry. 

Older Kids: 

Kids tape their first names and paint the backgrounds. They then add cut-out shapes and stick them on the canvas as well. 

Jasper County Schools Names Dr. BeaAtrice Mazyck as

Director of Accountability, Assessment and Professional Development


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