The Free Energy Revolution Has Begun 

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Dear Friends, 

Imagine a world where energy was free to anyone on the planet. Imagine a world where big banks, big oil, big government were institutions of the past. That is what we imagine as we make progress towards Steiner's threefold social order. But to get there we need to slay a few dragons which need to be taken head-on in order to free humanity from their ahrimanic shackles.

This month we tackled "big oil" in several pieces that are linked below. Because of the intensive research required to present these articles, we were only able to add one article to our beautiful collection of neoanthroposophy articles this month. So if you are new to our newsletter, please see the left column where you can link to our last few newsletters or read one of many suggested articles. 

Please help us get out the word about the energy devices available to citizens around the world that could supplant the petrochemical industry and create a sustainable, green world for all. We call upon our friends and colleagues who are spiritually awake to let others know about these energy breakthroughs.  

Once you read the article and view the videos, you may want to build a device for your home, Waldorf school, biodynamic farm, or social community. If you have been an active subscriber to this newsletter, we would like to offer you the information that will show you how to build a device, using parts that you get at the hardware store. This file contains how-to videos, manuals, and helpful links. We will not upload this file to the internet (obvious reasons!). 

Send us a new, never-used, virus-free flash drive with a self-addressed return envelope. We suggest using some kind of bubble wrap envelope so that the flash drive is not damaged. You must also include the email address that you have used to receive your newsletter. We will check and make sure that you have been an active subscriber. We will not distribute this free energy information with anyone outside of our "circle of spiritual trust." 

We will then mail the file back to you and ask that you share the information with your community. Although they say anyone can build these devices, we think it would be helpful if you had someone with mechanical skills to assist you. For those that would prefer to buy devices ready-made, please see our article with links to manufacturers. This would also make an excellent class or science fair project for school age students. 

Our Spirit will pay for the return postage. In return we ask that you share this information with your friends, colleagues, family, and community. Our Spirit readers span the globe and our hope is that we can start freeing ourselves from big oil - household by household, community by community. Our mailing address is at the bottom of this newsletter-- but can only be seen by original subscribers. 

Tyla and Douglas Gabriel

Forging the Sampo: The Free Energy Revolution Has Begun 

It is incumbent upon anthroposophists to be keenly aware of everything going on in the world and to meet it with the wit and wisdom provided through the study of Rudolf Steiner's teachings. Integrating Steiner's cosmology with the scientific discoveries that happen every day in our modern world will reveal that Steiner was far ahead of his time. Steiner's clear ideas on the etheric formative forces still provide the best answer for a Theory of Everything.
His indications on the location of the galactic and super-galactic centers of the universe came decades before science confirmed his indications. In Steiner's 
Astronomy Course, the center of mass of our solar system was indicated 
not to reside in the center of our sun, rather a point found by combining the mass of the sun and the three inner planets as a counterpoint to the three outer planets. All three of these astronomical indications of Steiner have now been proven to be true. There are hundreds of other examples of Steiner's "predictions" that seem crazy at the time but have been found to be quite accurate and lead to new energy sources and endless discovery.
An integrated anthroposophist, which we would call a neoanthroposophist, would be thrilled watching the newest discoveries of science that align with Steiner's indications of a hundred years ago. One could say that Steiner was the unsung prophet of modern science and that a careful examination of his works will uncover the future discoveries and revelations that will change our world.

Unleashing the Secrets of Free Energy  

Once you have seen the evidence in this exhaustive report, you will have every right to become angry at the insanity and inhumanity of the Petrochemical Warlords (and U.S. military) who have these technologies, yet keep humanity chained to the petro-chemical systems that are ruining everything - from our lives and livelihoods to our environment. It would be only reasonable that you will scream and yell to vent the "wrath of righteousness" that arises in your moral soul.
Military machines are driven by the oil that feeds petrodollars - the profits of U.S. Big Oil. But the super-secret machines of war don't use oil, they use ortho-hydrogen, magnetohydrodynamics, or other "advanced" technologies stolen from patents that have been around for many years. Even nuclear energy based on uranium is only good for making plutonium grade weapon material while producing unmanageable waste.
Thorium reactors supply the same energy without the radiation or plutonium and most current nuclear plants can be retro-fitted to use thorium.
For that matter, we will demonstrate in this article the viability of thorium and MHD and show that any internal combustion energy can be retro-fitted with ortho-hydrogen to either improve the engines fuel efficient and reduce emissions or  completely switch to water alone as the fuel .
It used to be that 'he who controlled the oil, controlled the bankers, who control world markets.' But once the information of new energy technologies is out in the public domain, the future of Big Oil and all its corporate and government tentacles that destructively reach into our lives will come crashing down.  You, the reader of this article, has the power to bring this information to your listening constituency and together citizens around the world can unite to defeat the New World Order once and for all.
That's right - TODAY -  we can run engines on simple water that produce no carbon emissions. This technology has been around for years but has been suppressed.
In this article, we don't just show you one technology that can supplant the petrochemical industry. We will show you many examples 
with video proof of how they work. We also show you where you can obtain these devices for your household use. Here are things you can do to get this energy revolution moving: Bookmark this article, post on social media, forward to your friends, email to your elected officials, start building your own devices, get your neighbors involved, order these devices from the companies we list.

Source of the Force 

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