“Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses.”

-Alphonse Karr

This Weekend...

Free Educational Classes at Garland Nursery!

Saturday, Feb. 24th at 1pm - Seeds or Starts, that is the question!

Sunday, Feb. 25th at 1pm - Fruit Trees for Everyone!

Did we mention...these classes are both FREE and informative.

Please see details below.

Along with our "Seeds or Starts" class, we are offering some specials and a coupon! See below:

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Excitement Abounds!


Roses have Arrived!

We received our shipment of Weeks and Star Roses! We are still waiting for David Austin, but we will definitely let you know as soon as they are here and available to purchase!

We decided to try something different this year and moved all the roses to a new location. We think you will like the shopability because it is so close to the Garden Store! They will be on the west side of the red barn near the pond plants. Let's give a big Hip, Hip, Hooray for Roses!

Summer Blooming Bulbs are in the HOUSE!!

We received bulbs from both Netherland Bulb Co. and Simple Pleasures. We have racks and racks of bulbs enthusiastically awaiting to be put in-ground once the soil warms up, so that they can then bloom into exquisiteness!

If you love flowering plants like gladiolus, dahlias, lilies, begonias and cannas, then you should stop by and visit our bulb area located in the Sun Annual House. There you will find many varieties of those already mentioned, as well as so much more!

Life is better with Lavender!

Lavender is one of those plants that never goes out of style. Like other plants in the mint family, lavender is good at repelling bugs such as mosquitos, fleas, moths, and ticks. On the other hand, it will also attract beneficial pollinators like butterflies, bees, and other helpful insects to your garden. It has many medicinal and culinary uses, looks beautiful all summer long and smells amazing too.

We are fully stocked and loaded with all the lavender faves, as well as many other varieties to choose from. There are just a couple of things to keep in mind when planting lavender. Make sure your soil is generously amended, as lavender prefers well-draining soils. You will also want to find a very sunny location that will get at least 6+ hours of sunlight per day.

Here's a fun and tasty recipe you can impress your friends and family with...

mmmmmm good!

Lavender Earl Grey Cookies

Awesome NEW Garden Soil: Dig it?!

Seacoast Soils are the new kids on the block, and boy do they make an awesome product!

We now carry their potting soil and compost, and if you are looking for the cream-of-the-crop in soils, then continue reading to learn more about them.

SeaCoast Enlivened Potting Soil is the perfect all–purpose growing medium for seed starting, transplanting, and container gardening. Their high quality blend of custom ingredients includes their very own SeaCoast Compost, coconut coir, perlite, langbeinite, kelp meal, and biochar. Their biologically active and enlivened potting soil encourages robust root growth and is a veritable feast for your plants.

SeaCoast Compost is redefining compost with its high-grade recipe of diverse, wild caught seafood by-products (fish, crab, and shrimp), organic cow manure, pristine red alder, and the enlivening biodynamic preparations. Each raw material is carefully selected for its unique nutritive and revitalizing qualities. Slow-aged for 2 years, SeaCoast Compost is a rich, one-of-a-kind, treatment that helps your soil bear more vigorous and healthy plants.

Last call for bareroot Fruit Trees!

Bareroot Fruit Trees are here and ready to be put in-ground!

Below is the list of ALL the varieties we received for 2024.

Please note: We will offer bareroot fruit trees through 2/25 after which we will begin potting them up and they will be sold at full retail.

In a world full of options, why not choose adorable earrings?!

For the obsessor of plants and tiny, little things, we have the cutest stud earrings from Plant Dosage x Dainty Tiny Little Things.

Their detail is truly amazing and they are based on real plant leaves that only a plant addict would know and love.

It's Butterfly Magic!

Come visit our Butterfly Sanctuary in the Gift Shop , where you will find whimsical indoor/outdoor magnetic butterflies that will brighten up whatever they are on!

The leprechauns have descended upon us!

If you love green, then stop in and visit our latest seasonal display. You might just find a pot-of-gold or a lucky charm. You never know what treasures await you at Garland Nursery. Wink, wink!

A reminder from Fanta...

Don't forget to submit your answers in person for the "Fanta's Fact Contest" by Feb. 28th, 2024. The questions are found on the last page of your Garland Nursery 2024 calendar. For those of you who don't have the calendar, but receive our emails, the questions and details are as follows...

If you get 3 or more correct, you will receive a Fanta sticker and be entered to win a special prize. Answers must be submitted in person.


  1. How many tricks does Fanta know?
  2. How old is Fanta?
  3. What is Fanta's favorite treat?
  4. Which is Fanta's favorite treat flavor?
  5. Where did Fanta come from?


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