A One-Page PDF to Help You Plan & Execute Your Digital Marketing
They say it takes 3 weeks to make or break a habit. I challenge you to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level by creating and sharing content daily, trying new ways to connect, and actively engaging with your followers, customers, and prospects.

You'll find the calendar includes holidays, observances, days to post to social, and important marketing-related action steps you should take.

Start a new Digital Marketing habit - DOWNLOAD our free calendar today - then begin planning your strategy for September.

I'd LOVE your feedback on this monthly project. Please reply to let me know if this is something you could use. Maybe offer suggestions to make it more valuable to you (and others). Thanks for your time and I hope you like the calendar!
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Effective Holiday Marketing & Advertising Starts Today
Christmas trees aren't even out at Target yet, but I dare mention "Holiday Marketing?" Yeah. I went there. Christmas is 138 days from today. Black Friday is 112 days? Get my point?

If you're going to keep the pedal to the metal and end 2019 on a strong note, you need to get planning now.

Need assistance with advertising, public relations, or marketing your business or nonprofit? From graphic design to video production, social media content to website updates, we can help.

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From YouTube to Facebook, videos are powerful sales tools. While it used to be cost prohibitive to hire video pros, tech and software advances has made it affordable for us to offer for any small business.
Facebook, Instagram, etc. have changed marketing forever. We can help your business create posts that will turn followers into customers. Facebook ads? They're ridiculously affordable, targeted, and effective.
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