Four ways you can give back to NJCTS this summer

NJCTS strives to continue providing vital and life-changing programs for our families and youth. Through social media partnerships, fundraising events, and program committees, it's now easier than ever for you to make a difference. Pay it forward! 

Please support us so we can continue to support you! Check out these fun and easy ways you can make a difference today!

Post often using #KICKTS

#KickTS is a fun, easy way to give back to NJCTS.

Each time you use the hashtag #KickTS on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and Tim Howard's sponsor (el Jimador) will donate $1 to NJCTS. 

There is no limit to the number of times you can use this hashtag so challenge your friends and family to post using #kickTS today, every day, and many times each day until August 20th. 

Get hashtagging!
Support Teens diagnosed with TS as they become leaders

The NJCTS Tim Howard Leadership Academy is designed to develop self-leadership, advocacy skills, and resilience in teens diagnosed with TS. The Academy helps youth with TS excel, and through that success, inspire others. This four-day intensive program is open to high school students with Tourette Syndrome from across the United States. Admissions are competitive, it is tuition-free to participants, and is fully funded by donations.

The last day to d onate is August 6. Donate today at GoFundMe
Join the NJ Walks for TS Program committee

The NJ Walks for TS Program is spreading across the state. Our first South Jersey walk is in Medford Lakes (Burlington county) on Sept 20, followed by the 6th annual walk at Mendham on November 15, and the 3rd annual walk at Princeton in the Spring of 2016. All proceeds benefit the NJCTS Education Outreach Program which delivers in-service trainings to schools and hospitals across the state, youth leadership training, and scholarships. 
To become a member of the Walks committee, contact Nicole Greco at or 908-575-7350. You can also Sign up to walk, Donate to the program, or become a Sponsor.
Join the Family Retreat Weekend committee

Now in its 11th year, NJCTS Family Retreat weekend allows children and their families to meet others with TS, learn more about their diagnosis, and engage with peer mentors in a fun, safe environment. We need your help to keep this all-important weekend, often called "the best weekend of the year," going and growing! To become a member of the Retreat Weekend committee, contact Nicole Greco at or 908-575-7350.

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