Starting November 7th, Four Tides Hospice Society office will be hosting a Reflection Room.

This space offers a chance for the community to reflect on death, dying and grief. During office hours, for the month of November, the community is welcome to come to the Reflection Room to write or read.
Reflection Rooms first started in 2016 as evidence-based art installations in various long term care facilities. Installations were studied and found to help express emotions related to death and process the journey of grief. During the Covid-19 pandemic, these rooms were modified to address grief related to the pandemic, including various types of loss unrelated to death. Spaces were expanded to hospitals and other health-care centers to help community members process their grief and thoughts through storytelling and provide a safe space to rest and connect. For more information on Reflection Rooms, see
Paripooranam, N. (2022). Reflection room: Exploring pandemic-related grief in long-term care homes.