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Simplify Your Operations with Cloud-Based Applications
In this month’s blog article, we discuss the direct benefits of cloud-based systems and the reasons why more and more organizations are taking to the cloud for any number of business applications. From capital equipment savings to improved worker productivity and greater flexibility, the cloud is a scalable tool that allows you to reach your loftiest goals without missing a beat.  
The Skinny on Barcode Symbologies
We often get asked about the types of barcodes that can be read by most popular handheld scanners and mobile computing devices when using MCE. The good news is that our approved devices, manufactured by Honeywell and Zebra, are designed to scan virtually all barcode symbologies, even those that are damaged or hard to read. If you are having difficulty scanning a barcode in MCE, we can resolve it! Simply contact our help desk. (877) 331-7427 ext: 119

For more answers to commonly asked questions about hardware and barcode scanning, scan the QR code using your mobile device or click the link to our FAQ page here.
Going Mobile: A Technology Transformation for Clinical Applications 
As healthcare facilities continue to find ways to improve workflows and reduce the instance of errors, one popular technology that’s taking hold is a handheld, mobile computer. Mobile solutions have become an invaluable resource, with the ability to keep employee productivity high and patients satisfied. Chances are you’ve already considered mobile solutions for your workforce, but still have much to learn about making the transition. 

This blog is chock full of suggestions, with 6 reasons in particular why mobile technology is on fire right now. Read the article, then contact us to hear more about how our customers are doing more with less in the lab when they choose mobile.
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