Volume 2 - Issue 10 | April 15, 2023

Cathy Tenney, Editor

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Hello, members!


We hope you attended the 2023 ADSOEF Annual Meeting last night, April 14!  Five new Directors were elected to fill the openings on the Board occurring at the end of June.  Committee Chairmen communicated efforts and outcomes in meeting the ADSOEF Mission and Purposes.  


The Fundraising Committee made a heartfelt announcement: Many generous hearts opened as you exceeded the goal of raising $8,500.00 for the Open Your Heart for the Future of Education campaign.  Definitely, we honored the 85th Birthday of OSO DKG (formerly Alpha Delta State Ohio).  Donations continue to be received and are welcome.  The 2023 ADSOEF Report for Annual Meeting lists donors and beneficiaries.  Find the report on our website, adsoef.org (click here). 


The May 15 edition of Foundation Matters will provide an update regarding the meeting, share information about the fun of the ticket auction, and give the donation total from the traditional Birthday Luncheon gifting.  Attendees, remember your small red heart reminding you of your Heartfelt Gift for Education!


Join the next EVENT! - “History in the Hills” Biennial Seminar on June 8, 9, &10; find the details and register by using the links below. 


With heartfelt gratitude,

ADSOEF Directors  


Contact us at adsoef.org


J. Michael Evans, the attorney who represented OSO/ADSOEF for the Jane Brundige Stein case, had the following to say, “It is a rare treat to represent an organization like DKG, and each and every DKG representative who has been a part of this effort.  It is even more rare and uplifting to be appreciated by such perfect clients pursuing such an important and laudable goal.  In my view, education is the most important goal of all.  


P.S.  I received a very nice handwritten thank you note.  These days, handwritten notes like that are especially nice.”

The Biennial Seminar is happening! Join us June 8-10 in Gallipolis for a history-rich tour of Gallia and Jackson Counties.  The registration link is included in this issue along with the phone number to the hotel. Make sure to mention OSO when making your room reservation. 

"History in the Hills" Biennial Seminar Information
Biennial Seminar Registration Link


ADSOEF is honored to announce the names of the Esther H. Strickland Student Teaching Grant recipients and their respective universities.  This is the inaugural year for awarding grants using the Jane Brundige Stein Fund for students attending Marion campus of The Ohio State University. Miami University provided Esther H. Strickland Student Teaching Grants in memory of Ruth Grimes Scholarship. A total of seventeen students will receive awards!

Sydney Bacon, OSU Marion  

Ashley Euans, OSU Marion

Zach Rogers, OSU Marion

Lillian Calhoun, Miami University

Skylar Corder, Miami University

Meredith Peters, Miami University     

Karley Becker, Bowling Green

Emma Brown, Bowling Green

Alaina Collings, Wright State

Zach Herman, Ohio University

Meghan Hudepohl, University of Cincinnati

Bradie Ramsey, University of Cincinnati

Emily Ruen, Bowling Green

Alexis Sampson, Bowling Green

Kaylee Schultz, Ohio University

Alesia Tobin, Bowling Green

Margaret Weber, Bowling Green

Best wishes to all students!

Upon receiving the email that he was selected for a Student Teaching Grant, an excited Zach Rogers replied, "Awesome! Thank you so much! I will get you that acceptance letter as soon as possible! Thank you so much again.

Thank you, Scholarship Committee!

Marilyn Slusser, Vice Chairman of ADSOEF and OSO Scholarship Chairman, along with the OSO Scholarship Committee received applications for Student Teaching grants.  After individually reading submissions and scoring each using the rubric, students were ranked to determine award recipients.


The Directors extend gratitude to Marilyn Slusser, Chairman, Delta Kappa; Nicole Burley, Delta Kappa; Lois Carter, Beta Alpha; Sue Loader, Alpha Psi; Danielle Sobczyk, Alpha Theta.

Project Awards

The Educational Services Committee is happy to announce two new Individual- Classroom-Community Project Awards!  They were approved at the March Board of Directors meeting.  The Beta Rho Little Free Libraries’ Project, submitted by Marcia Smith, was awarded $500 to purchase used books and painting supplies to stock and maintain four free little libraries in Circleville, which are located at key sites to help people in need: a food pantry, woman and children’s shelter, church, and Head Start.


Secondly, the Inspiration Station Library Project, submitted by JoAnn Krock, Zeta, was granted $500 to purchase new nonfiction books for the Inspiration Station, which is a free afterschool tutoring program focusing on students from the Hispanic community in Norwalk.  It provides homework, English literacy, and reading comprehension help.  Volunteers also offer speech intervention in the summer and piano lessons! 

Thank you to the generous donors who have opened their hearts for the future of education and helped make these grants possible!  Look for more details, letters from the recipients, and pictures in future editions of Foundation Matters!

Respectfully submitted, 

Chris Snoddy 

Important ADSOEF Dates to Remember

April 16, 2023

ADSOEF Finance Committee Meeting

April 26, 2023

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May 3, 2023

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May 10, 2023

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May 15, 2023

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May 15, 2023

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May 25, 2023

Biennial Seminar Registration Due

June 8-10, 2023

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June 19, 2023

ADSOEF Board of Directors Meeting

6:30 p.m.

Many OSO/ADSOEF members have a PASSION for PHILANTHROPY!   Together our contributions have exceeded the goal of $8,500.00 set to honor OSO’s 85th anniversary.  By the end of March, $11,820.48 was the total received for Open Your Heart for the Future of Education.  Thank you!

     How far over the top will we go by the end of the year?  Please continue watching our expanding heart!

Each heart represents $500.00.  Our hearts continue to expand.  

Your support is appreciated!


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