Volume 2 - Issue 12 | June 15, 2023

Cathy Tenney, Editor

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Schools out for the summer… 

What song is often played at the end of a school year? Congratulations to all 2023 graduates including their families and teachers.  Teachers and students typically look forward to a long break over the summer.  Enjoy the pool, vacations, picnics, baseball games, and reunions.  Please take time to rest and relax and then recharge for the 2023-2024 year or the new adventure on your journey.  Make plans for your DKG Chapter's new year, too!

With the end of June comes the transition for directors and the reorganization for a new fiscal year for ADSOEF.  In this issue, you will learn about outgoing Directors and the Board who will lead for 2023-2024.  As members, individuals have the opportunity to serve on various committees.  Be ready to say, yes, when you receive a phone call or email asking you for help.  

For a summation of the successful year we are wrapping up, please go to our website adsoef.org and reread the Report for Annual Meeting 2023.  What a JOY to award grants and fellowships and project awards!  ADSOEF is funding the future of excellence in education!

Happy summer,

ADSOEF Directors

Congratulations to the ADSOEF Officers for 2023-2024

Chairman - Diana Kirkpatrick, Alpha Delta

Vice Chairman - Sue Loader, Alpha Psi

Secretary - Christine (Chris) Snoddy, Alpha Lambda

Treasurer - Dr. Lois Harkins, Alpha Lambda

The ADSOEF Board of Directors is composed of the officers joined by Brenda Armstrong, OSO State Member; Holly Buente, Gamma Pi; Linda Diltz, Beta Rho; Debbie Frazier, Beta Rho; Millie Holzer, Beta Zeta; Tammy Schroeder, Beta Eta.  OSO President Melodie McGee, Gamma Nu, is the Ohio State Organization Liaison, serving as an ex-officio member.

To the 2023-2024 Directors:  Serving as a Director is more than an honor, and includes the legal duties to care, to show loyalty, to adhere to governing regulations and to maintain accounts for ADSOEF.  Best wishes for the coming fiscal year!

Farewell Directors

Dr. Norma Kirby, Karyn Kern-Lazear, Sandy Royer, and Marilyn Slusser will end their terms as directors on June 30.  Thank you for giving your valuable time, sharing your talents, and using professionalism in making decisions. These four DKG members have a combined total of 20 years serving on the Board of Directors.  We applaud you for your dedication to the Mission and Purposes of ADSOEF.  

“Being a director of ADSOEF since its formal inception has given me great knowledge and pleasure, as we welcomed the various A. Margaret Boyd Fulbright Scholars to the United States.  Through the contributions and growth of the Foundation these students have been able to fulfill their dreams and continue their journey in education.  ADSOEF can be proud of its achievements.” --Marilyn Slusser

“It has been my honor to serve as a Director for ADSOEF for these past four years.  I believe that I was able to observe ADSOEF leave its infancy, grow through the “terrible twos," and begin to enter the pre-K part of its existence.  I know it will continue to be there to support all educators, past, present, and future.” --Karyn Kern-Lazear

“Serving as a director for four years has been an enlightening learning experience, brought me new friendships, and showed me the positive outcomes of dedicated women educators working together.  My joy comes from member volunteers stepping up to serve, the generosity of many donors, and seeing funds awarded to deserving individuals and communities.  ADSOEF will forever touch my heart!” --Sandy Royer      

“ADSOEF has a very special place in my heart! I am grateful for the opportunity to have served on the Board and appreciate the faith you placed in me. Serving on the ADSOEF BOD since its inception has been a fulfilling and rewarding experience. Learning about the business of a charitable foundation, working with dynamic DKG members, impacting the lives of educators, and being touched by the generosity of fellow members are experiences that have inspired me. I pledge my continued support for our Foundation.” --Dr. Norma Kirby

These outgoing leaders are grateful the Directors for 2023-2024 will continue to lead ADSOEF in its mission and purposes and continue to provide support for the future of excellence in education.

Yes, each of these four ladies will continue volunteering!


OSO President Debby Canter for attending and participating in Board of Director Meetings during 2021-2023.  

Melodie McGee, OSO President for 2023-2025, as we welcome her to the Board in an ex officio position.  Presidents serve as a liaison between ADSOEF and OSO. 

Our webmaster, Eileen McNally, and our editor, Cathy Tenney, do outstanding work to provide communications to our members. 

Committee Chairmen and Committee Members as they move us forward in meeting ADSOEF purposes.  

Chapter Representatives for disseminating information to their chapter members.

Many individuals serve in various capacities to keep ADSOEF working toward its mission.  The directors appreciate YOU!

Thank you for continuing the future of excellence in education! 

The Elm Street Girls Club

The Educational Services Committee is eager to publicize this final report from Norma Gutierrez and Hannah Fairbanks (Gamma Theta) for the Individual/Classroom/Community Project Award they received for the Elm Street Girls Club Life Skills Project. Norma stated, “This was an amazing project that came together with the aim of giving back to the young ladies of the community.”

Continue reading about the Elm Street Girls Club

Members of the Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation

Delta Kappa Gamma Society 

In life, there are crucial moments that mark a before and after, and my graduation from my master's degree is one of them. I am very pleased to have this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to DKG Society and the A. Margaret Boyd fellowship, which provided me with unconditional support on my path to academic success. Without your generous support and commitment to education, reaching this milestone would have been much more difficult, and even unattainable. Through this letter, I wish to share my gratitude and highlight the importance of your invaluable work in the formation of international students like me. 

Click here to continue reading Brenda's letter.

PASSION for PHILANTHROPY!  By the end of May, $18,109.48 was the total received for Open Your Heart for the Future of Education.  Thank you for giving generously!  

 Your heartfelt support is appreciated!


Lois Bennet

In memory of Florence L. Woodward

Kappa Chapter

Beta Chapter

Dr. Norma Kirby

In honor of newly elected ADSOEF directors

Brenda Armstrong, Linda Diltz, Diana Kirkpatrick,

Sue Loader and Tammy Schroeder

Delta Phi Chapter

In memory of Jan Thomas

Important ADSOEF Dates to Remember

June 19, 2023

ADSOEF Board of Directors Meeting at 10:00 AM

July 15, 2023

Foundation Matters Arrives at Midnight in Your Email


Holly Buente, Gamma Pi

October 2022-June 2024

Marketing Committee

Debra (Debbie) Frazier, Beta Rho


Donor Relations Committee Chairman

Dr. Lois Harkins, Alpha Lambda



Millie Holzer, Beta Zeta


Finance Committee Chairman

Dr. Norma Kirby, Alpha Delta


Marketing Committee Chairman

Karyn Kern Lazear, Gamma Phi


Governance Committee Chairman

Nominating Committee Chairman

Sue Loader, Alpha Psi


Scholarship Committee

Sandy Royer, Delta Kappa


Chairman Board of Directors

Marilyn Slusser, Delta Kappa


Vice Chairman

OSO Scholarship Committee Chairman

Christine (Chris) Snoddy, Alpha Lambda



Educational Services Committee Chairman

Debby Canter, Delta Epsilon


Ex-officio Ohio State Organization Liaison

OSO President

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