Volume 3 - Issue 3 | September 15, 2023

Cathy Tenney, Editor

New Beginnings…

A word or two from your Board of Directors


Don’t you just love the adventure and excitement of new beginnings. Educators everywhere have started their new school year – a blank slate to organize, schedule, and fill; new students to know, nurture and instruct; new learning for all involved; and new possibilities and opportunities to be utilized in an effort to make a difference in the lives of those they teach.  


The same is true of ADSOEF.  Here we are with a brand-new biennium before us, with five newly elected board members joining the five experienced directors already in place, busy at work believing in the possibilities and opportunities the Foundation has to offer.  ADSOEF committees, with numerous OSO volunteers, are working diligently building new pathways to funding the future of education for the Ohio State Organization community in 2023-2024.  We, too, are committed to making a difference in the lives of our members, the grant and scholarship recipients and the beneficiaries of our educational projects, leadership development and lifelong learning programs. 

Now is the time…to embrace your new beginnings and the immeasurable opportunities and possibilities afforded you to connect with others and ADSOEF.   Please contact us at adsoef.org with any suggestions or questions regarding the Educational Foundation.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Each month in Foundation Matters, we look forward to reporting our progress!   We welcome, invite, and encourage all…to add your voice and your passion with ours. It has been said, “there is strength in numbers,” and your ADSOEF family is looking to YOU…ALL of YOU for support.   Please knowYOU are a valued Foundation member and the value YOU give is truly appreciated beyond measure!  

Working steadfastly for you…

The ADSOEF Board of Directors                        


Katie Gantz

In memory of Nancy Arulf

Holly Buente

In honor of Melissa Hackett

Dr. Norma Kirby

In honor of Dr. Lois Harkins

Linda Diltz

In memory of Karen Bensonhaver

In honor of Beta Rho Chapter members

Alpha Upsilon Chapter

Making a Difference…One Book at a Time!


The Educational Services Committee loves to award Individual/Classroom/Community Project grants which improve education for everyone. The Beta Rho Little Free Libraries Project doubled the impact of the $500 it was awarded! 

Beta Rho chapter members purchased used books for 50 cents each from the Pickaway County Friends of the Library to supply four Little Free Library boxes they created. This money bought hundreds of books to give away and helped the library buy books for its permanent collection. Below is what Marcia Smith, the Beta Rho literacy project coordinator, writes about Beta Rho’s Little Free Libraries project.

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Policies, procedures, and bylaws, oh, my!  Although the work of the Governance Committee is not as much fun as presenting scholarships, grants, project awards, and fellowships, the Governance Committee’s work is vital to the successful long-term and day-to-day operation of ADSOEF and supports the mission and purposes of ADSOEF.  


The Governance Committee is responsible to develop and maintain ADSEOF governing documents.  You can find the most recent versions of the Bylaws and policies on the website at adsoef.org.  The Governance Committee is currently focused on the annual process of reviewing the Bylaws and policies and revising them if needed.  Also, additional policies are being considered and procedures are being developed to accompany all policies.  Your input is encouraged!  Please review the documents on the website, offer suggestions, and ask any questions you may have.  The Governance Committee members appreciate and value your input.


Sue Loader

Sandy Royer

Tammy Shroeder

Joyce Jones-Weinkam

Dr. Norma Kirby, Chairman

It is an honor to introduce our latest A. Margaret Boyd Fellowship recipient, Mukadas Tashieva, from Kyrgyzstan. Mukadas and her family arrived at Kent State University on August 16, 2023.  She is pursuing her master’s degree and hopes to find a solution to the teaching of English to children with disabilities.  Mukadas has taught disabled children for several years, and wants to gain more knowledge in this area, as in her country many children with learning disabilities are often forgotten and not given the opportunity to learn.


Mukadas and her family, husband, three sons and a daughter, are living in Kent, Ohio.  Upon conversing with her she commented, “It is a great honor for me to receive the A.  Margaret Boyd Fellowship, and I would like to thank you for your warm welcome!”  The attached picture shows their excitement upon arriving at Kent State after a long twenty-two-hour flight to the United States.  


Members of OSO will have the opportunity to meet Mukadas and renew your friendship with Della Kartika Sari, at the September 30, OSO Executive Board Meeting, as they are both planning to attend the meeting.


Marilyn Slusser, Scholarship/A. Margaret Boyd Fellowship Liaison

Macy Weinreich 

Esther Strickland Student Teaching Grant Recipient

Hi everyone! I am Macy Weinreich and my student teaching was filled with amazing lessons and experiences. I had the opportunity to work with some of the most passionate and dedicated team of teachers. I was assigned to a Title school and student taught in a room with two co-teachers.  This was beneficial to me because I was observing, pulling ideas and advice from educators with two different teaching styles and with two totally different personalities. 

In our classroom, the content area was math. I was able to also go into the language arts classroom to observe and work with those teachers too. The whole school staff demonstrated to me the importance of building a community within the school arena to create relationships with the surrounding school community. 


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Into the Future…ADSOEF Dates to Remember


September 18, 2023

ADSOEF Board of Directors Meeting

7:00 PM


September 30, 2023

OSO Fall Executive Board Meeting

10:30 AM

New Hope Church Pavilion

4739 West Powell Road

Powell, Ohio 43065


September 19, 2023

Fundraising Committee

6:30 PM


September 25, 2023

Fundraising Committee

6:30 PM

October 11, 2023

Governance Committee

6:30 PM

October 15, 2023

Foundation Matters Arrives in Your Email


October 16, 2023

ADSOEF Board of Directors Meeting

7:00 PM


November 20, 2023

ADSOEF Board of Directors Meeting

7:00 PM


Brenda Armstrong, OSO State Member


Linda Diltz, Beta Rho


Debra (Debbie) Frazier, Beta Rho


Dr. Lois Harkins, Alpha Lambda



Millie Holzer, Beta Zeta


Diana Kirkpatrick, Alpha Delta



Sue Loader, Alpha Psi


Vice Chairman

Tammy Schroeder, Beta Eta


Christine (Chris) Snoddy, Alpha Lambda



Melodie McGee, Gamma Nu


Ex-officio Ohio State Organization Liaison

OSO President

Dr. Norma K. Kirby, Alpha Delta

ADSOEF Registered Statutory Agent

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