Volume 2 - Issue 8 | February 15, 2023

Cathy Tenney, Editor

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Jane Brundige Stein was a loyal DKG member initiated in 1962, and Dorman, her husband, supported her membership and her work as a teacher with thirty-four years of service in the Marion City School District.  Jane was a member of Eta Chapter until the chapter dissolved in 2004.  Jane then transferred her membership to Iota Chapter, and maintained her membership until her death in 2015.  Dorman, a Navy veteran and retired Ohio State Patrolman, supported Jane by attending chapter meetings with her. 

In accordance with their will, the Steins bequeathed money from their estate to Eta Chapter.  They designated that the money would be used for the Jane Brundige Stein Scholarship/Grant awarded to Marion County students in education and/or nursing at the Ohio State University Marion Branch.  

OSO and ADSOEF worked cooperatively for nearly two years to realize this gift.  The case was complicated due to the fact that Eta Chapter was dissolved at the time of the death of both Jane and Dorman Stein, and no successor was named in the will.  With the support of legal counsel, OSO and ADSOEF furnished documents, attended court hearings, and provided necessary information to reach the successful outcome and receive the gift from the Stein estate.

The Stein’s major gift will support aspiring educators and nurses now and well into the future.  Jane Brundige Stein’s dedication to education, her devotion as a teacher, and her commitment to help others is a legacy that will be celebrated each time a student receives an award in her memory.  

OSO and ADSOEF are grateful for the opportunity from the support of the Stein bequest to assist more deserving students.

Both members and nonmembers are eligible to receive this award.  Applications for the Jane Brundige Stein Scholarship/Grant are available on the ADSOEF and OSO websites.

Jane and Dorman are pictured below in front of an old school in Colorado where they often vacationed.



You are cordially invited to attend the Sixth Annual Meeting of Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation on Friday, April 14, 2023, beginning at 7:00 p.m. in conjunction with the OSO State Convention at the Embassy Suites in Dublin, Ohio. All OSO/ADSOEF members are welcome!

Directors' Message  

We are excited! 


•   Happy 85th Birthday, Ohio State Organization of Delta Kappa Gamma International!  We will enjoy celebrating at convention, April 14 - 16.

•   In this edition, you discovered information about the Jane Brundige Stein gift which establishes a new scholarship fund.  Students have another opportunity to apply for funds for their education, specifically at The Ohio State University at Marion.  Please spread the word. 

•   Through a project award, students attending the Elm Street Girls Club will have supplies to help develop their life skills. What a worthwhile opportunity!

•   The ADSOEF Annual Meeting is in two months.  We are ready to see you and are thankful the OSO Convention will be in person.

•   Election of directors will occur during the Annual Meeting.  The Nominating Committee received Director applications exceeding the number of openings. We want the OSO/ADSOEF members for their interest and dedication to ADSOEF!  

•   In February, will we receive additional donations to meet the $8,500.00 goal for Open Your Heart for the Future of Education?  We think so!

•   We are ever grateful for the volunteers and the contributions continuing our mission.  “The mission of ADSOEF is to provide funding to serve charitable purposes relating to professional and personal growth of educators and educational excellence.”

Warm regards,

ADSOEF Directors

Important ADSOEF Dates to Remember

February 20, 2023

ADSOEF Board of Directors Meeting

March 1, 2023

ADSOEF Marketing Committee Meeting

March 8, 2023

ADSOEF Fundraising Committee Meeting

March 13, 2023

ADSOEF Board of Directors Meeting

March 15, 2023

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information regarding ADSOEF Annual Meeting

March 25, 2023

ADSOEF Presentation to Chi and Gamma Xi Chapters

April 14, 2023

ADSOEF Annual Meeting

7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Dublin Embassy Suites

April 14-16, 2023

OSO State Convention

Dublin Embassy Suites

Educational Services Project Award

The Educational Services Committee is excited to announce the ADSOEF Board of Directors approved an Individual/Classroom/Community Project Award in January 2023! It was awarded to Hannah Fairbanks, Gamma Theta, for the Elm Street Elementary School (Painesvile) Girls Club for 4th and 5th graders to teach them sewing, crocheting, quilting, and nutrition. These life skills will increase their practical skills, allow them to help their families and community, enhance their self-esteem, and provide life changing experiences. The Elm Street Elementary School Girls Club was awarded $500.00 to buy supplies including yarn and crochet hooks.

Look for details and pictures from this Girls Club Life Skills Project Award in a future edition of Foundation Matters!

New  Opportunity!


Students who are enrolled in the College of Education or Nursing at the Marion Branch of OSU may qualify for financial assistance.  To be considered for a scholarship or student teaching grant, complete and submit the application: CLICK here  or use the QR code below.

Application deadline extended to February 25, 2023

Please share this information with family and friends.

Oh, we are so close to the goal!  Your generous contributions are adding up!  By the end of January, $7,990.46 is the total received for Open Your Heart for the Future of Education.  Please note the progress on the graphic.

Each heart represents $500.00.  Let’s continue expanding our hearts.  

Our goal is $8,500.00 in celebration of OSO’s 85th Anniversary.

We are getting close!  Your support is appreciated!


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