April 2018 Edition
April was a big month for our grantees. It  was Child Abuse Prevention Month and thanks to organizations like Hopeful Horizons in Beaufort , South Carolinians are learning to recognize and prevent child abuse. 

We also celebrated National Volunteer Week. Organizations such as The University of South Carolina School of Law Pro Bono Program and  Midlands Mediation Center provided opportunities throughout the week for people to volunteer. If you are interested in volunteering with any of our grantees, please visit our grantee page and learn how you can help! 

Because of you our grantees are able to continue advancing justice in South Carolina. If you are interested in making a positive impact in South Carolina, please consider donating today

- Megan, Marisa & Ashley, Your SCBF Staff

Foundation Focus: 
Midlands Gives
On May 1 we will be participating in Midlands GivesMidlands Gives is a 24-hour online giving event that brings the region together as one community, raising money and awareness for local nonprofits in 11 Midlands counties. We go live at 12:00AM on May 1! 

Books for Sale
T he following books are for sale and can be purchased here .
> Littlejohn's South Carolina Judicial History (1930 - 2004) , Bruce Littlejohn
> Littlejohn's Political Memoirs (1934 - 1988), Bruce Littlejohn
> Generations of Lawyers: A History of the South Carolina Bar, George C. Rogers, Jr.
> 40 Years of Excellence in Law, South Carolina Chapter, American College of Trial Lawyers (1955 - 1995), Julius W. McKay

Thank You!
After serving the South Carolina Bar and the Foundation for over three decades, we wanted to give a huge thank you to Bob Wells for all the work that he has done to advance justice in South Carolina. You will be missed but we hope that you enjoy your retirement! 

Historical Society 
If you are looking to become more familiar with South Carolina's fascinating legal history, consider joining the Historical Society! You will enjoy sponsored events, published works associated with specific events or subject matters and an e-publication for members only. Become a member today >>

Grantee Focus: Upstate Mediation Center
The Upstate Mediation Center (UMC) is a community based non-profit organization providing high-quality, affordable mediation services to individuals, families, and businesses in conflict in the Upstate of South Carolina. 
In 2017, the UMC conducted a record 681 mediations across all of its programs, and served 1,423 clients and impacted over 850 children. This is nearly a 10% increase in mediations in one year.
To volunteer with UMC or to find out more information about the programs that they provide to the Upstate area. Visit, upstatemediation.com
Bank Focus:
Prime Partners vs. Benchmark Institutions 
Say you have $1,000 in a trust account, do you know how much interest on that comes to the SC Bar Foundation through IOLTA per month?  With our Prime Partners, we would receive 75 ¢ per month  and with our Benchmark Institutions we would receive 65 ¢ per month from the banks .

By banking with a Prime Partner or a Benchmark Institution, you are helping the SC Bar Foundation. If you are interested in switching banks or to find our which banks are Prime Partners and Benchmark Institutions, visit our IOLTA page

A little bit can make a difference. It just makes dollars and sense! 
Donor Focus: Reed Swearingen 
Reed Swearingen, a 3L student at The University of South Carolina School of Law, found that donating appreciated stock was easy and most beneficial for him. 

"Not only was donating stock surprisingly easy but the benefits of donating stock potentially are two-fold. In addition to a charitable donation, if the stock has appreciated in value, the donor is not required to recognize the capital gain on the appreciation."
To find out information on donating appreciated stock, click here
Don't forget to join us on May 1 during Midlands Gives! With your donation we are able to continue to promote justice in the state of South Carolina. 
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