October 2022

Message to Our Membership

Dear Members,

I hope you are having a good start to the extended fall holiday season. We are excited to welcome you to our first membership meeting of 2022-2023 on October 13. County Executive George Latimer will be our speaker; he always makes an interesting and informative presentation. Our first ever Octoberfest celebration – open to the entire community – is on Saturday, October 29, from 1-5 p.m. at the Scarsdale Woman’s Club, 37 Drake Road. Please plan to join us to enjoy your favorite seasonal foods, beverages, and entertainment with family and friends. The online portal is now accepting reservations for the event. The Scarsdale Forum is also participating in the Village's Halloween event on Friday, October 28 at Chase Park, where we'll be offering apple cider and donuts to the parade-goers. These are all great opportunities to connect with your friends and neighbors!

Best wishes,

Susan Douglass, President

Notes from the Board of Directors




Saturday, October 29, 2022, 1-5 pm

Scarsdale Woman's Club

The Great Lawn at 37 Drake Road

Rain Date Sunday, October 30 (same time)

Bruce Wells Artisanal Beer Tasting All Afternoon

Family Barbecue

Lawn Games, Arts and Crafts

Halloween Costumes Welcome

 And Much More!

Current Members $35, children free, sign up here

Not a Member? $35 includes membership through 4/30/2023, sign up here

Event Contact: Lena Crandall 914-874-3779


CALENDAR OF Fall Meetings and Events

The next Membership Meeting: Thursday Oct 13, 2022, 8 pm

The next Sunday Speaker program: Sunday Oct 16, 2021, 8 pm

The next Board Meeting: Thursday November 3, 2022, 8 pm



The Committee will be working on the development of a strategic plan, with goals, objectives, and actions designed to ensure that the Forum continues to carry out its mission and purposes well into the future. Forum members interested in participating are welcome to join us, and should contact Committee Co-Chairs Barry Meiselman at and Ed Morgan at

Downtown Revitalization

The Downtown Revitalization and Municipal Services Committees studied the documents and recommendations proposed by the Village's consultants, FHI Studio, on revitalizing the Village Center. The recently issued Forum Report on placemaking and mobility proposals for the Scarsdale Village Center was endorsed by a large number of members of these committees. Four themes were discussed in the Report:

  • Create sustainable and strategic placemaking;
  • Implement Complete Streets, Vision Zero, and Safe Streets strategies and environmental sustainability initiatives in the Village Center to better protect all road users and Scarsdale's natural environment and ecosystems;
  • Address deficiencies in parking and way-finding; and
  • Consider how these improvements will be implemented, paid for, and maintained.

The Forum Report recommends incremental steps be taken on numerous proposals that bear further exploration and study. If you would like to participate please join us. Contact Chair Susan Douglass,


The Education Committee is working on a report focused on mental health and well-being in the school district. Recommendations and areas for further study will be proposed and shared with district administrators and the Board of Education. See the Committee's seminal Report on collaborative communication among school stakeholders. Contact Chair Barry Meiselman,


The Recreation Committee is planning for a busy year where we anticipate projects aimed at evaluating current conditions and usage of our parks, fields, paths, green spaces and recreation facilities. We will endeavor to:

•   Create a long-term action plan to delineate best practice standards and expectations of how recreation facilities and green spaces should be maintained on behalf of residents and stakeholders:

•   Explore partnerships with other Forum committees for the purpose of integrating issues relevant to recreational facilities and green spaces;

•   Participate in the joint committee work on the future of the Pool Complex;

•   Prioritize health and safety concerns in the context of Village recreation programs and facilities; and

•   Provide input to the Village recreation budget for ongoing and future projects and outside sources of funding.

We hope Forum members from all neighborhoods will join this dynamic and active group. If you would like to participate, please contact Committee Chair Erin Rudensky,

Scarsdale Fiscal Affairs

Committee members are studying the more detailed pool survey information made available after the September 28, 2022 Pool Work Session. The pool presentation assumes that the cost of any pool project will be paid for by property tax revenues and not reimbursed from pool revenues, and estimates hefty tax increases for any new pool. The consultants assume that pool revenue will cover operating expenses in any project. In the committee's view, their membership rate, revenue and expense estimates need a lot more support and the committee will be studying the basis for these assumptions. At a September 28, 2022 presentation, the Village's outside auditors confirmed a $4.5 million surplus and a 32% unassigned fund balance as of 5/31/22 . The Committee will be studying the disposition of the surplus and its impact, if any, on the 2023-24 tax levy. This is a great time to join the committee. Budget meetings will be starting soon. Have a say in how the Board should prioritize competing financial needs and wants and how to pay for it. Contact Chair Anne Hintermeister,

Municipal Services

The Municipal Services, Recreation, and Scarsdale Fiscal Affairs Committees will be joining forces to study and report on possible alternatives for the Village Pool Complex. Anyone interested in taking part in this joint committee project should contact Municipal Services Chair Madelaine Eppenstein or Scarsdale Fiscal Affairs Chair Anne Hintermeister or Recreation Chair Erin Rudensky. Updated information about the Village Pool Complex project is on the Village website here.

Municipal Services members had been encouraged to participate in Village Board work sessions and hearings on Scarsdale's Complete Streets plan outlined in the "Village Center Strategic Mobility and Placemaking" project. The final deadline for submission of suggestions regarding consultant FHI is October 5.  Copies of the Committee's three traffic safety reports were re-submitted to the Village for use in the planning stage of its Complete Streets project (latest report link below). In the News: NYS has enacted legislation first introduced by Scarsdale Assemblywoman Amy Paulin that enables Scarsdale to lower the speed limit on local roads to 25 mph.

Municipal Services will begin a study of the traffic issues on the Post Road in support of Village engagement and recommendations made in the most recent Municipal Services Report on traffic safety and implementation of complete streets and safe routes to schools policy and design.

The Committee also plans on follow up with the Sustainability group and the Conservation Advisory Council regarding the status of: Scarsdale's participation in New York State's Climate Smart Communities program; prior Forum recommendations on further restriction of gas leaf blowers; fall leaf collection, and the degradation of the Village tree canopy despite recent code regulations meant to preserve it. Chair Madelaine Eppenstein,


The Committee supports initiatives for an environmentally sustainable and healthy environment that provides quality of life for village residents. Recognizing the absolute inter-dependency between the health of our environment and our own health, the Committee continues to support recycling, green energy, storm preparedness, and Scarsdale's Climate Smart Community initiative. Recent work focuses on: landscape management including the promotion of mulch mowing and grass recycling over street leaf pile vacuuming; a total ban on the use of gas blowers and the elimination of non-organic and environmentally harmful pesticide use; and year-round containerized pick-up of yard waste and excess leaves instead of the environmentally counterproductive practice of leaf vacuuming. The collaboration with other Forum committees produced the Report on banning smoking in outdoor village spaces and opting out of retail cannabis dispensaries until state regulations are promulgated and can be assessed. Both initiatives were adopted by the Village Board on December 14, 2021, and the no-smoking local law took effect on January 1, 2022. Contact Chair Darlene Le Francois Haber, M.D.,

Zoning and Planning

The Committee's focus is on supporting the long term growth and

development of our Village to improve quality of life and sustainability by providing thoughtful analysis and recommendations for existing and proposed codes. Topics currently being prioritized include: elevation of structures in flood prone areas; requirements for new buildings to utilize heat pumps; installation of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations downtown and at other locations; and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). The Committee has a supporting role working closely with other Forum committees such as Municipal Services, Downtown Revitalization, and Sustainability. Anyone interested in joining the Zoning and Planning Committee or learning more please contact Chair David Fenigstein,

County Fiscal Affairs

The Committee has reconvened. The Westchester County budget is funded in part by about 18% of our property tax bill each year, and the task of the Forum's County Fiscal Affairs committee is to review, analyze, and provide commentary on the Proposed County Operations budget (typically $2+ billion) and Capital budget (typically $400-$500 million). The Committee's work takes place during a very narrow window of time. By County Charter, the County Executive must submit the budget by November 10, though County Executive Latimer has usually released it about a month earlier than that. Once released, there are budget discussion events and forums around the county, and a thorough review by the County Board of Legislators, including a public hearing during the first week of December. In order to have an effect on the end product, the Forum needs to have released its report in time for that hearing so it can be entered into the public record. County Fiscal Affairs plans to have its first preliminary meeting either the last weekend of September or first weekend of October. To participate, you can join the Committee on the Forum website or email Chair Tim Foley at

Community Events, News & Resources


SCARSDALE FORUM's committee chairs and co-chairs invite you to join us as we tackle the subjects described in more detail in the Committee Update section. Members may consider joining any one, several or all Scarsdale Forum committees listed on the website. No prior experience with the subject matter is required, so Join here.

Village Board Meetings and Work Sessions: Village Board meetings are regularly open to the public at Village Hall or via Zoom webinar at, or call in using 1-929-436-2866 and entering the Meeting ID 931 8370 3358. The Zoom login uses the same ID. Check the Village Board calendar here.

Scarsdale Forum Inc.

Scarsdale Forum Inc. is the 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to community education through discussion and analysis of issues relevant to Scarsdale residents. Since 1904, Scarsdale Forum has contributed meaningfully to village affairs through written reports, prominent speaker programs, social gatherings and other public events. Membership is available to all Scarsdale and Mamaroneck Strip residents, regardless of citizenship status.  The Forum Focus newsletter is distributed to Scarsdale Forum members generally during the first week of each month. Pertinent information should be sent to one week prior to publication to be included in the coming issue. Media Contact: