August 2015
Become a Better Recorder Player by Forming an ARS Chapter

by Barb Prescott, ARS Board Member

In 1992 I decided to form an ARS chapter in my town, a decision that forever changed me as a recorder player. I was lucky in that I had a friend who was coaching the early music ensemble at our local college, who also agreed to coach our recorder chapter as it got started. Armed with little more than enthusiasm, we started monthly chapter meetings in the basement of a church.

What did it do for me? I sponsored our first workshop with Deborah Booth and Morris Newman as coaches, which taught me a lot about creating an atmosphere for working as a group and introduced me to music for ensembles. We soon broke our chapter meetings into smaller groups, including one for those who had never played recorder, up to the advanced group playing consort music on mixed instruments including harp and gamba. I sponsored a workshop, led by Sheila Beardslee, on ornamentation. I had to pinch-hit by leading some of the higher groups, so I had to learn to play in the bass clef and read alto up. I worked with the Early Music Shop of New England to learn about ensemble music in order to choose what pieces we would play and to help members find instruments that were in tune and played well.

The ARS was a valuable ally in all of this. They helped by sending me mailing lists for ARS members in our area. They introduced me to the Personal Study Program, a true gem for improving your playing (an ARS members-only benefit).

You can do it too! Start by contacting the ARS office (email or Toll Free: 844- 509-1422 ) or using the Membership Directory to find other members in your area and invite them over for an organization meeting (and do some playing at the same time).

You need only find three ARS members to start at the smallest level. Improve to a group of ten and you will be eligible for chapter grants to help you fund that workshop, buy chapter instruments, purchase music, hire professional teachers or pursue any other recorder dream.
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