Forging ahead in 2021!

Thinking back on 2020 first. On March 11, 2020, Marcomm Works Partners Wade Wilson and Godfrey Huybregts were at Rogers Place watching the Oilers lose to the Winnipeg Jets.
Wade noticed a message on his smartphone during an intermission and shared it with Godfrey: “The NBA just shut down. I hope that doesn’t affect the NHL!” How naïve was that? The next day the NHL was put on pause and we all know the COVID-19 story since. Hopefully, vaccination programs will ramp up soon in Canada and the rest of the world, so we all can get back to some kind of new normal.
We sincerely hope none of our business associates, clients, and their families have been severely affected by COVID-19.

Wade and Godfrey

And now 2021.
As we dig in on 2021, we ask you: “How can we help you connect with and impact the people you need to reach?”
For some examples, we are currently helping Business Link with brand development, so their audiences know exactly what Business Link provides that is so unique … we are continuing to assist Strathcona County with waste management public engagement by connecting online with County stakeholders … we are ramping up to assist Horse Racing Alberta to reach their stakeholders with annual report communications strategy, writing, and graphic design… we are continuing to plan and deliver all types of communications for Fort Air Partnership. All our projects boil down to working with people like you to reach the people you need to reach, with the messages and/or questions you need them to either understand or provide input on. How can we help you do that better? 
Making an impact online. We can honestly say that at least one of us (Wade) wasn’t a big fan of how we could connect with people meaningfully with only online channels as our options. “You mean I can’t sit with people to collaborate on what we need to help you with your marketing communications, brand development, or public engagement opportunity? You mean we are doing this all on Zoom?” Wow.
Wrong again! We have changed the way we operate like so many others and it’s working. We are making the best of what is available and flourishing. It’s not like we haven’t connected online in the past, but there is just so much more of it now. 
Public engagement tip.

Spend as much time deciding
what is meaningful and respectful to ask
as you do on figuring out how to ask. 

It is human nature that people often move quickly past the most challenging and subjective points in the public engagement process to work on steps that are less challenging and objective. It’s the old cart before the horse. We encourage you to dig in first on the questions you need input on that will affect your decision-making. Then reward yourself by applying the best techniques to implement those well-thought-out asks.  
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