Industry Insider Newsletter
May 2020
Your 5 minute update on forestry in New Brunswick

The Early Intervention Strategy will resume this summer in N.B.

The Healthy Forest Partnership will resume the early intervention program against spruce budworm this summer, while taking precautions for staff health and safety in context of Covid-19.

The 2020 program will treat 35 000 hectares this year, about 20 000 more hectares than last year but very far from the 200 000 hectares of 2018. Quebec's spray program has been suspended for this season with the exception of approximately 140,000 hectares in the Gaspé. Forest Protection Limited will conduct the Gaspé work operating out of the Charlo base. The effects of this decision on the spruce budworm population in New Brunswick are unknown as of yet but the delivery of Gaspé program should be a benefit to controlling budworm spread in neighbouring NB. Monitoring efforts will be extremely important this season.

If you are interested in monitoring with the
budworm tracker program: CLICK HERE
Groupe Savoie thanks Employees with $ 50 000 in Gift Cards from Local Restaurants
Groupe Savoie recently gave $50 000 in gift cards from local restaurants to employees.

Groupe Savoie, a hardwood forest product manufacturer that employs more than 500 people in the Saint-Quentin and Kedgwick regions, decided to thank its employees for their dedication in keeping operations running by offering a free dinner every week, for a period of 5 weeks, a $50 000 initiative.
The goals are to thank essential employees for their dedication while supporting local restaurants during this difficult time.
During this period of slow down and lock-down, the company recognized the importance of investment in its community while improving employee morale. The company bought gift cards from seven restaurants in Saint-Quentin and Kedgwick.

What a great initiative for employees and the community!
Crews responding to fires

Fire crews from DNR and forest industry companies with air support from FPL and Quebec's SOPFEU have been battling a couple of blazes in the Barnaby River and Cains River areas. The Cains River fire doubled in size in a twelve hour span burning over 800 hectares. The fires remain active with all of FPL's 802 Air Tractors working the Cains fire along with two CL-415's brought in from Quebec to do some heavy lifting to extinguish the blaze.

Over two days, 700,000 litres water from the CL-415's have been put down in addition to the 802's 400,000 litres. Forestry operations have been suspended or modified pending improvements to conditions. The DNR fire index remains extreme.