Industry Insider Newsletter
April 2022

Forest NB is happy to announce that it will be hosting its 2022 Industry Forum in person on May 11-12. This years theme is diversity, digitalization & innovation in the forest sector.

This year's event starts off with our featured keynote speaker, Mrs. Kelly Cooper, CEO and founder of the Center for Social Intelligence. Mrs. Cooper will deliver an engaging presentation on "Creating the Competitive Advantage for the Forest Sector". Agenda coming soon.

One of the Biggest Employers in Northern NB
Chaleur Forest Products is quickly becoming the biggest employer in the North of the province. The forest company has three operational sites located in Belledune, Bathurst and Miramichi, and now employs 450 people directly and 500 jobs indirectly (harvesting contractors, planters, and thinners). 24 000 jobs in New Brunswick are linked to the forest sector, which represents 1 in every 16 people.
Chaleur Forest Products was founded in 1994, known as Chaleur Sawmill. Throughout the years, the company has lived some important milestones that have shaped Chaleur Forest Product as we know it today.
During its first years of operation, the first sawmill was in Belledune and employed about 75 people. As the years went on, the company innovated operations and invested to modernize equipment and employment increased to 175 people, with 3 steady work shifts, all-year round. The 2008 recession affected many sectors and impacted the forest sector as well, which caused the closure of roughly 75 sawmills in the province, however Chaleur Forest Products survived and came out bigger and stronger. Its resilience and growth are attributed to the company’s detailed management practices, teamwork, great employees, and its family-oriented management style. True pillars in challenging times.
In 2016, new owners invested into the sawmill, and it allowed further growth and expansion of the business by modernizing equipment and systems. In 2018, Chaleur Sawmill purchased Fornebu Lumber which was a turning point for both businesses who are now both called “Chaleur Forest Products” since January 2020.
Thanks to forward thinking and investments in innovative equipment and practices, Chaleur Forest Products continues to create new opportunities. Recently, the company added a new biomass boiler for drying at the Belledune site and an ultra modern planning line. This fine point technology allows the planning mill to operate at approximately 2 700 linear foot/ minute. This new equipment supports 3 work shifts, which will be extremely productive and efficient to produce softwood lumber at both sites.
With these investments, Chaleur Forest Products is quickly becoming one of the biggest employers in Restigouche and Chaleur regions.