Industry Insider Newsletter
June 2022
Update on the Proposed by-law to Ban
Clearcutting in the Municipality of Miramichi

In the last few months, the Municipality of Miramichi was contemplating adopting a new by-law to ban clearcutting within the municipal boundaries. The by-law was voted down when stakeholders raised concerns and the Municipality realized adopting such a by-law was going to have negative impacts on the local economy and the current 400 private woodlot owners within the municipality. The implications were also noted by many in other new local government entities in the region as concerns with any by-law that impedes the ability to manage and harvest their resources on private lands within the municipality of Miramichi, practices which have been a mainstay of rural life in New Brunswick for generations.
The Farms & Forests Coalition (including Forest NB) continues to raise awareness along with other stakeholders. There remains a real risk for all private landowners, particularly those who operate farms, woodlots, and other resource-based businesses on their properties. While local governance reform is necessary, increasing the powers for municipalities and other local governance entities to implement land-management planning and by-laws risks having unintended – or intended – consequences for private landowners. Municipal planning and by-laws must take a broader perspective into consideration, including natural resources utilization like forestry and agriculture, which are mainstays of regional and provincial economic well-being.
Over 600 reached Through Forest NB's Community Outreach Efforts

Since the beginning of 2022, FNB offered forestry presentations to over 600 students in grade schools and high schools in Francophone and Anglophone communities in New Brunswick. The developed forestry presentations elaborate on NB's forestry workforce and in demand jobs, forest management concepts and the benefits of using wood products and the forest sectors role in fighting the effects of climate change. FNB and PETL are finalizing the forestry curriculum, which will be piloted in fall 2022, at certain high schools.

Please reach out to us if you are interested in getting some presentations at your local schools.