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September 2020
Forestry's Potential Underlined
One in 14 jobs are linked to the forest sector in NB. With the newly reelected government, increasing the potential in forestry could help the economy recover faster from the covid-19 pandemic. This was the view of a recent analysis by UNB student Nihla Hussein contributing to the JDI Roundtable on Manufacturing Competitiveness. The report highlights the role of productivity gains in increasing forestry's contribution to economic growth. The report builds on analysis and data provided by economists Herb Emery and David Campbell and aptly recognizes the role of policy considerations that in Campbell's words put front and center the impact of policies on the economy and communities.

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Doing Business in Mexico Workshop October 13-15

ONB is pleased to be working with BC Wood to offer three market training events on October 13-15 to NB exporters and new to export wood products manufacturers, who are interested in selling into Mexico.
Because the events will be held virtually, there is currently no limitation on the number of attendees. Please note, registration and fees are required, and presentation times are based on Pacific Standard Time.
If you would like more information, please feel free to contact the ONB project manager,
Through trade missions to Mexico over the past six years, there have been a number of opportunities for value-added wood manufacturers. We will be bringing the Experts will help you learn more about the current and growing opportunities, and getting your product to the Mexican market.

Record Breaking Moose Hunt reflects well on Forest Management

According to preliminary numbers from the Department of Natural Resources and Energy, 3,904 moose were taken this year, a 6% increase over 2019.
The department said it's the highest number of moose harvested since a managed moose-hunting season was created in 1960. 

Prior to that, hunting moose in New Brunswick had been banned since 1936 because of a collapsing population caused by over-hunting. Good forest management practices, including sector supported research on moose and deer population dynamics, are contributing to better management of big game animals in NB.

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