Industry Insider Newsletter
November 2022
Managing Forest for Multiple Values – Canadian Woodland Forum Fall Meeting

140 attendees from across the Atlantic region gathered in Edmundston on October 4 & 5, 2022, the Canadian Woodlands Forum (CWF) hosted by Acadian Timber. The theme for this year’s meeting was “Managing Forest for Multiple Values”.
The conference began with discussions on a range of topics critical to today’s forestry industry including an update on conservation planning within New Brunswick’s managed forests and a presentation from a local multi-generational contractor, who spoke to the challenges and successes of operations in Northern New Brunswick. A presentation on how digitalization of the value chain can produce opportunities for more efficient decision-making within operations and how the management of working forests can lead to a net-zero carbon footprint wrapped up day one’s presentations. A reception dinner followed where the group recognized and celebrated the accomplishments of the Northern Hardwoods Research Institute during their first 10 years of operation, capped by updates from the Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development on New Brunswick's Nature Legacy conservation efforts and digitalization in the forest sector.

Day two featured a tour on Acadian Timber’s freehold lands, where participants visited a sorting yard, learned how drones are used in forest management, and visited management and harvest operations in tolerant hardwood and softwood stands. The conference provided an excellent opportunity to reconnect with the professionals that make New Brunswick’s Forestry sector a vibrant and exciting industry.

Learning the finer points of grading curly and Birdseye maple from Jeremy Schriver
Lego Learnings with JEDI: fitting the pieces together

Forest NB recently attended the Joint Economic Development Initiative (JEDI) Indigenous Workforce Summit in Miramichi (November 16-17), which made for an excellent opportunity to learn more about JEDI’s programming and partnerships for economic inclusion and reconciliation. Training, tools and resources for diversity and inclusion, Two-eyed seeing, unconscious bias and anti-racism, and trauma-informed care were highlighted, along with opportunities to partner and engage with an Indigenous workforce. Take-aways from an excellent lineup of speakers and novel approaches to problem-solving left attendees with a deeper appreciation of how to actively advance diversity, inclusion and reconciliation in our workspaces.
2022-2023 Ernie Strickland Family Scholarship recipient announced.
We are pleased to announce the recipient of the 2022-23 Forest NB Ernie Strickland Family Scholarship! Aidan Stone is attending his first year at MCFT. Aidan’s mother works for Maritime Wood Products Inc. and his father works for Twin Rivers Paper Co., both part of the Forest NB family!