"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." - Benjamin Franklin
Monthly Health & Wellness Newsletter
As Labor Day ushers in the last hoorah of Summer, we begin to prepare for the Fall season. This seasonal change can impact your health and well-being. Educating yourself on preventing the spread of illness will keep you and your family healthy and doing what you love. This issue contains reminders for preventing the spread of illness, popular diy cold remedies and recipes to help keep well. By using these steps to stay healthy, September becomes "Prep-tember!"

Colds come in all shapes and sizes, but ways to decrease the chance of getting them and spreading them are simple:
  • Cover your mouth - Kids and parents alike know the "Dab", but it's a great way to encourage young ones to cover their mouths and nose when they cough or sneeze. Covering your mouth and nose with your arm prevents the spread of germs more than using your hand. 
  • Stay home - If you have a fever, can't stop coughing, diarrhea, or vomiting stay home! Taking time off work can be hard especially if you are facing a deadline. But it is better for everyone that you get well instead of getting everyone else sick.
  • Dress appropriately - Dress in layers and bring a jacket. Being cold doesn't make you sick, but it does lessen your body's ability to fight germs.

Fall means Fun!

Think of Fall, what do you think about?  Changing leaves, corn mazes, bonfires, s'mores, and maybe even a little football!

Keeping your bodies healthy will ensure that you are able to enjoy whatever Fall activities you like best!

  Autumn Health and Safety Tips

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