Oil by Cheryl O
Shine Your Light - Oil - by Cheryl O

First of all, a heartfelt thank you for the many many folks who responded in agreement to my recent "Black Lives Matter" email. I thought that you would understand. I hope that we each continue to find meaningful ways to speak against prejudice and racism in all its ugly forms. There is a time to mourn. How could we not? And the time to find every opportunity to speak out against injustice, is always now.
Watercolour by Cheryl O
Flowers. Think of the strong associations these have for us with love, both romantic and affectionate. Associations with caring and consolation. With spring and new life. With a joyful sense of colour and just plain being. Not sure exactly how the flower feels about it, but from my point of view, they seem unassuming and just happy to be - however brief that being may last. I remember when I was very young, a hippy friend chastised me for picking flowers to put in a vase. Then I found out that spring flowers, tulips, daffodils etc., actually live longer in a vase than they do in the garden; no more guilt on that one. Ah the hippy days. There was the time I picked some wild daisies to put into my hair - only to find out later that they had a lot of little bugs in them - eeeeew. But I digress.

As a painting subject, flowers maintain their lovely care free attitude. You can move that petal half an inch, and the flower's portrait is just as good. You really can't do that on a portrait of a person, with their nose, for example.

Today, I am sending you some flowers. I hope they make you smile.
by Cheryl O
Update: The art membership "Keep the Brush Moving" is turning out to be amazing! Doing weekly painting exercises, sharing paintings, and lots of encouraging comments happening is really inspiring this adventurous group of painters. Sorry that the group is currently closed (at over 70 members). Your opportunity to join in will happen again starting September 2020. More info to follow.

Happy Painting!
Cheryl O
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