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If you’re looking for flexible economic air handlers, look no further than VTS.
VTS air handlers are available from 400 to 40000 CFM in horizontal configuration and 400 to 8000 CFM in vertical configuration.
Their modular designs offer options to fit any application:
  • Small footprint design
  • Cooling with DX or chilled water options
  • Heating with hot water/gas/electric options
  • Energy recovery with heat wheel or plate heat exchangers
  • 2” foam construction with thermal break
  • HEPA filters available
  • Direct drive plenum fans
  • Availability to integrate into VRF systems to deliver fresh air
Additionally, empty sections can also be added for humidifiers and UV.
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American VENTUS modular air handling units can be tailored to the needs and preferences of the customer.

VTS air handlers have both indoor and outdoor construction, as well as the ability to be shipped in modules or full knockdown with a lead time of 10 weeks or less. Learn more at

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