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Variable Speed Units Offer Industry-Leading
Efficiency and Flexibility
We’re all looking for ways to increase efficiency and flexibility while maintaining optimal performance. WaterFurnace Versatec Variable Speed units provide the solution you need.
Not only can Jacco set up Water Source Heat Pumps to operate in a VAV fashion, but we can now also provide bipolar ionization on all WaterFurnace heat pumps direct from the factory. WaterFurnace can also twin up to six of these units together to increase total system capacity and meet your building’s load.
If you want industry-leading efficiency and capacity control, look no further than WaterFurnace Versatec Variable Speed units.

WaterFurnace recently released another chiller option?

The HybrEx is a modular water cooled chiller available in 30-50 ton modules. Its small footprint is capable of fitting through a standard 36” door, making it a great option for tight mechanical rooms and retrofits.

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