Animals' Angels - Mission Possible 
July 24, 2018 
A Behind the Scenes Look at Animals' Angels 

Wow - we couldn't have done it without you and we want to give you a big shout out! Thanks to your support, Animals' Angels has saved and improved the lives of countless horses, dogs and farm animals.  We're kicking butt and taking names - and we want to show you the successes you've made possible, and say thank you!

That's why we're sharing just with you an exclusive first look at our powerful new video.  It's called "Mission:  Possible" because while our mission is far from accomplished, we have some very real wins to celebrate! 

As tireless fighters for animal rights, you're used to seeing the worst people do to animals, but for now, just sit back and celebrate the great things we've done for them together.

We hope you've enjoyed seeing what we've accomplished together and continue to help us, because with your contributions, we're well on the way to chalking up some more big wins:

- An EU ban on horsemeat imports from Canada
- Improving conditions at some of the worst animal auctions in America
- Shutting down the kill pen brokerage racket
And there are more ways to help:  

Please, share, share, share Mission: Possible with your family and friends, social media contacts, fellow advocates... and especially with those who aren't as informed or involved in animal welfare as you are.  Share it with people who don't know how many animals suffer in silence each day... and how much Animals' Angels does to give them a voice. 

They need to see Mission: Possible to open their eyes to animal cruelty and our tireless efforts to shut it down.   Only you - and Mission: Possible - can inspire them to help fund and support our successful investigations, lawsuits and outreach. Who better than our most faithful supporters to spread the word?! 

With your help -- and this video -- we'll get a whole new group of warriors to join our campaigns and contribute to our important work.

Sharable link for Mission Possible video: 

We know we can count on you to donate whatever you can, and that any amount helps us help animals.   With your continued support, we'll soon be able to count even more successes... end more suffering... and help declare our mission to make animals' lives more humane... accomplished.

is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, so ALL donations are tax deductible. 

Your support is crucial to continue the fight against animal cruelty.   Animals' Angels counts on you!  Help us be there for the animals.

Animals' Angels works to improve the conditions for farm animals and horses all over the country. 
Our investigators are out in the field nationwide, visiting auctions, kill pens, feedlots and slaughter plants to uncover the cruelty and abuse that animals all too often face each and every day.
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